Audi exclusive RS 3 in #2D8 Green


We’re not 100% sure this is the color code #2D8 ¬†known simply as “Green” on the standard Audi exclusive color chart, but there’s really nothing else like it in the “standard” offering from Audi’s in-house tailoring department. What we are 100% sure of is that Audi UK’s PR photography is on point in choosing such a special build for a photo shoot.

To our eye, this is the exact same green Audi of America put on five of its Color.Storm mix of S3s run in the pre-facelift generation. At the time, Audi went with several colors such as Vegas Yellow and Glut Orange, so the series of cars became more affectionately known as the “Skittles Cars”. Amongst that mix, it was the Green cars that seemed to garner the most notoriety.


In regards to the latest RS 3 sedan, we’d yet to spot one built in that same green until now. We found these photos from Audi UK amongst their run-of-the-mill product shots for journalists’ use. Perhaps Audi UK is stepping up their Audi exclusive push, or perhaps someone at Audi UK’s PR department really wanted a green car. Whatever the case, we won’t argue with it. The end result is spectacular.


Check out more photos of this very unique Audi RS 3 from Audi UK via the link below.