Audi exclusive Exclusive Report: Goodwood Green for Goodwood Green

by: Viktor Hadjiev, Continental Audi of Naperville

When it comes to being attached to your Audi, some take it a step further than others do. P.G enjoyed his Goodwood Green pearl 6-speed B6 S4 for 16 years. When it came time to upgrade, he was not ready to give up the color though and he still wanted something rare. As soon as ordering started, P.G. placed an order for the first 2020 RS 3 sedan in the same color as his S4. Being Audi exclusive added to the wait time but then the COVID-19 situation pushed the long-anticipated delivery a little more. After what felt like a lifetime, on a sunny Saturday in mid-April, P.G. was ready to lose 3 cylinders, 232 lbs and give up the foot operated clutch for a computer controlled dual one and an extra gear to boot. What he gained, besides the technological advancement over the last 16 years, was 54hp and the smile really shows that.

Some people go green…others stay green.

Congrats, Pat. Enjoy the Audi exclusive RS 3 for many years to come.