Audi exclusive Dark Red Mica S7 Sportback at Audi Naperville

by: Ray Reyes

When it comes to Audi exclusive, Viktor Hadjiev at Continental Audi in Naperville, IL has taken the art of tailoring a tailored Audi build to a whole new level. There’s plenty of evidence to back up the claim, most recent of which is this 2018 Audi S7 tastefully specced in Dark Red mica exterior paint.

Climb inside this Audi exclusive S7 and you’ll see why it draws approval for its customized color stitched cabin chairs. We asked Viktor the inspiration for this S7 and he said, “the purpose was to do a 1-of-1 kind of build on an S7 given we’re saying goodbye to this body style in anticipation of the arrival of the all-new 2019 A7 in October”.

Imagine ordering choices that go beyond standard offerings of an S7, making it unlike any other anywhere. The Audi exclusive program is where your creative side may only really be limited by your budget. There’s little to no chance you’ll see another like it on the road or at the local Cars and Coffee.

“Whoever gets this, it’ll definitely be a memorable one, a car that will make them feel special, a final edition if you will”. That much is obvious when you look the car over, seeing the most extensive builds coming at the end of a production run.

Dark Red mica is one very distinctive hue. Viktor shared, “Color selection was pretty much my personal imagination based on the awesome presentation kits of paint and leather samples”. When the car sits in the shade, it appears like a black car.“Unless parked next to a black car, then it looks like a dark color that you’re just not sure what it is,” Viktor continues.  When the sun reflects off this shimmering body and you see the sparkling red, it hits you and “the color pops, like you wouldn’t believe!”

For the interior, Viktor kept things relatively simple. Here, the car begins the same Vermont Brown found inside the now extinct S8/S8 plus. It also gets Alabastar White contrasts such as stitching and seat center stripes instead of black as seen in the S8. That theme carries over to most interior components, including center console, doors, controls and more.

Beyond the tailoring, there’s also some added kit. Most obvious are the 21-inch wheels. Other S7 kit includes the Driver Assistance package, S Sport package, layered oak and aluminum inlays, Bang & Olufsen sound system, Prestige package, Audi Connect, Comfort Seating Package and red finished brake calipers just to make them pop against the custom darker red paint.

If you want more proof of Viktor Hadjiev’s Audi exclusive capabilities, it pays to stop in to Audi Naperville’s Chicagoland area showroom, or at least hit their website. This Viktor and his store are known for their fantastic builds and this highly tasteful S7 certainly proves it.

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