Audi Earns Top-Ranked Honors in MotorTrend’s Ultimate Car Rankings

source: Audi of America

  • Audi earned first-place and top-ranked honors with more podium wins than any other luxury automaker in MotorTrend’s Ultimate Car Rankings for first half of 2022
  • Eight different Audi models across various categories were recognized for elegant design and tech-rich interior
  • MotorTrend updates Ultimate Car Rankings list twice a year; award criteria based on over 70 years of experience in ranking vehicle safety, value and performance

Eight Audi models were recognized on MotorTrend’s Ultimate Car Rankings for the first half of 2022. With these rankings, Audi of America was the top-ranked manufacturer, ending up with more podium wins than any other competitor on the list.

The 2022 A5 Sportback, A7, and Q8 came in first place in the compact luxury fastback, midsize luxury fastback, and midsize luxury fastback SUV categories respectively. These models were all praised for their innovative design and high-tech interior. The 2022 A4, A6 and A6 allroad came in second place in the compact luxury sedan, midsize luxury sedan and midsize luxury wagon categories, while the 2021 A8 and 2022 Q7 came in third in the full-size luxury car and 3-row luxury SUV categories.

“Only the very best cars, SUVs, and trucks qualify for first place honors in MotorTrend’s Ultimate Car Rankings,” said MotorTrend Buyer’s Guide Director Zach Gale. “We recognize the most well-rounded vehicles available today, ones that feel great to drive, offer impressive tech within their segment, and have great long-term value ratings. Because buyers have high standards, we do, too. Achieving excellence in MotorTrend’s Ultimate Car Rankings system is tough to do, but first-place and top-ranked award winners are the best vehicles around.”

MotorTrend’s Ultimate Car Rankings launched in 2020 to help the average car buyer better understand their options and it uses the long-running Car, Truck, and SUV of the Year award programs as a foundation. The ranking system considers performance of intended function, fuel economy and driving range, technology and design innovation, value, and safety. The vehicles are rated on a 10-point scale, and any model whose scores approach or surpass 8 is delivering an above-average or excellent performance.

Audi A5 Sportback

  • Awarded first place in the compact luxury fastback category, MotorTrend states that, “the A5’s dramatic, sharp-edged styling gives it more head-turning appeal.”
  • The A5 body styles are sophisticated, upscale, and athletic, making them a great choice for luxury buyers who also enjoy driving.
  • This vehicle is known for its svelte styling, big trunk space that increases practicality and suberb driving dynamics.

Audi A7 

  • Granted the top spot in the midsize luxury fastback category, the Audi A7 is described as, “a compelling sedan alternative, combining the luxury and technology Audis are known for with a surprisingly spacious cargo area—and elegant exterior styling,”
  • It has a standard powertrain that is a turbocharged V-6 with 335 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque.
  • The front end of the vehicle is home to a wide grille with slim, geometric LED headlights on either side, with the interior, home to a multitude of screens and buttons that are expertly laid out and effortless to reach.

Audi Q8

  • Designated as the first pick in the midsize luxury fastback SUV category, “the Audi Q8 is a little different than your typical luxury SUV,” writes MotorTrend, “sporting a raked roof, the Q8 mixes practicality and style in equal measure.”
  • There is a sophisticated and sturdy environment inside the Q8, with premium materials and expertly aligned panels.
  • Overall, this model is described as entertaining to drive with premium steering and a palatial interior with plenty of tech.

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