Audi e-tron GT Test Mule Spied in USA

words: George, photos: Jason Diaz

When you think of photographers shooting spy photos of test mules, you generally think of places like Nürburgring, or perhaps the roads around Audi factory towns like Neckarsulm / Heilbronn. You don’t often think of the Hudson Valley of New York. Maybe you should though, because that’s exactly where Audi Club North America – National Facebook Group member Jason Diaz recently spied a prototype of the upcoming Audi e-tron GT.

When you think about it, this may actually have made sense. First off, Volkswagen Group is known to operate a test facility out of New Jersey. In the meantime, Electrify America (Volkswagen Group’s own high-speed charging network) has made a focus on building out its network in New York’s highway system. So, that an electric Audi test mule would be cruising near the Hudson River in the town of New Windsor just south of West Point, maybe that’s not such a surprise.

Even still, this is the e-tron GT. Based on the Porsche-derived J1 chassis, the e-tron GT is expected to share many components and drivetrains with the Porsche Taycan. That the Taycan is already on the road in America and we’re likely less than a year from the e-tron GT being here, it’s probably inevitable that it show up here at some point. Even still, it’s the first American sighting of the e-tron GT that we know of.

Thanks again to Jason Diaz for letting us reprint his photos.