Audi Driver: Actress Emma Watson’s S3 3-Door

Actress Emma Watson is likely high visibility in anything she does. The actress, known best for her roles in the Harry Potter movies, Beauty and the Beast, Little Women and many more has become world renowned, placing her in the spotlight nearly anywhere she goes… and more recently seen out and about in a blue Audi S3.

This week she parked her the car in Stratford on Avon outside the gate of a nearby pizza joint while visiting a pub with her mother. When a tow truck turned up to haul it away, her attempts to keep it from being towed weren’t successful… all a rather mundane thing, but now headlines in The Sun.

Okay, admittedly, this is a non story and yet we’re writing a story about it. That’s a fair critique, but in these pages it’s newsworthy that this notable actress sports a rather approachable and smart early Type 8V S3 3-door as her daily driver of choice. It also looks pretty handsome in what appears to be Navarra Blue. We like her taste in cars.

We’ve included a photo here of a similar car for your reference. If you wish to read more about the story, you can also check out the full report published over on the website of The Sun.