Audi Discusses Social Aspect of Autonomous Driving with Experts at the IAA

source: Audi AG

  • Central Munich plays host to expert panel discussion at the IAA on the legal, ethical and political issues related to autonomous driving
  • Christoph Lütge, Director Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence at the Technical University of Munich: “We need to take care not to view autonomous driving solely as a technical challenge. The only way for us to fully harness the opportunities of this technology is by engaging in a dialog with people and taking their concerns into account.”
  • Looking ahead to the publication of the &Audi Initiative’s expert study in October 2021

The steering wheel retracts as if by magic, the driver’s seat slides into a comfortable position, and the car keeps on driving by itself. With its fully electric show car, the Audi grandsphere concept, the premium carmaker is showing at the IAA how the interior of the vehicle will change in the future as the driver becomes a passenger when driving functions become increasingly automated. In addition to the technological outlook, Audi’s activities at the IAA focused on the social aspect of automated driving with a panel discussion at the “House of Progress” brand pavilion in Munich.