Audi Delivered Around 140,300 Automobiles to Customers in April

source: Audi AG

  • Model changeovers and challenging market environment impact deliveries to customers
  • Vice President Global Marketing and Sales Martin Sander: “Renewal of our product range still requires a major effort”
  • Deliveries down 5.9 percent since the start of the year

AUDI AG delivered around 140,300 cars to customers worldwide in April, down 12.8 percent year-on-year. Model changeovers affecting volume models such as the Audi A6 continued to have an adverse effect. The new Audi Q3 has developed its potential in Europe so far, with strong growth in countries such as France (+109.0%) or Germany (+97.6%); in other markets such as the United States, the model will only be available in dealerships from the middle of the year. Since the start of the year worldwide deliveries were down 5.9 percent to 587,550 automobiles.