Audi Club Sweepstakes: One Won Their Choice of Three 1:18 Scale Model and So Could You (& Still Get a 3-Pack)

There are only 2 weeks left for our Audi Club Sweepstakes with the 1985 Audi quattro painted Zermatt Silver Metallic which has been professionally augmented even further, with 20-valve AAN-code 5-cylinder engine built to produce over 300 hp, sport shocks and springs, Porsche brakes, RECARO seats and more. TWO WEEKS!

Our last promotion saw us give away that last of three 1:18 scale 1987 Walter Röhrl Audi S1 Pikes Peak Winner. When I contacted the winner, he immediately chose the S1 Pikes Peak and said This is the car that made me an Audi fan as a kid and made me a loyal owner and fan. I get where he’s coming from; I remember watching Group B on ABC’s Wide World of Sports and immediately falling in love. So if that one was your choice, sorry.

So that leaves two 1:18 Audi models left…or does it? In addition to the B5 Nogaro Blue S4 and the C5 allroad, we have thrown in another model: the Audi RS 6 Avant RS Tribute edition in Nogaro Blue!

From June 15th to June 22nd, any purchase of entries in the Audi Club Sweepstakes will be eligible for one of these models…you get to choose! While one lucky participant will win their choice of 1:18 scale model, everyone gets a 3-pack of decals! I just sent out last week’s group of decals.

So if you want the choicest of choices, buy your entries today and come July, you may be the lucky one to win our 1985 Audi quattro! There are only FIFTEEN days left!

Enter the Sweepstakes HERE