Audi Club Sweepstakes Is About to Cross the Finish Line…

The finish line is in sight…and we ARE giving away an Audi!

Audi Club is getting closer to crossing the finish line on our very 1st sweepstakes and we ARE giving away an Audi!

Sales ends Friday February 21 at midnight CST and the drawing will be held on February 28th at 12pm CST.

Purchase 25 entries for $25, 55 entries for $50, or 120 entries for $100.

This is the highest value prize vehicle ever offered in an Audi Club Sweepstakes. For the first time, you can now purchase entries online.

Your purchase is a donation that allows 31 Audi Club chapters across North America to conduct safe driver training programs for club members and drivers from new to experienced, including programs aimed at high-performance driving, accident avoidance, winter skills training, teen drivers, senior drivers, and women-focused clinics.

Generous support from donors like you allows Audi Club to offer driving schools on in-city closed courses, purpose-built training centers, winter ice and snow venues, and iconic world-class racetracks.

The last day to purchase your entries is February 21, 2020. 

Please click HERE for your chance to win.

Visit our  Audi Club Sweepstakes 2019 site for more information on the vehicles, the rules, and to purchase tickets.

Good luck!