Audi Club Sweepstakes: FIA Homologation Form Poster for Audi 80, quattro, or Sport quattro…Your Choice

words: Bill, photo: FIA 

You’ve heard the term ‘homologation’ but do you know what it means? Merriam-Webster defines it as to approve or confirm officially. MotorTrend explains the automotive definition as You probably have heard the term “homologation special” before, and it most often applies to road cars that have direct racecar counterparts, because they were built to fulfill production-car requirements for a given sanctioning body. Either way, we have delved deep into the archives of Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) archives to pull these out. These are the homologation forms that approved the 80, quattro, and Sport quattro models for Audi. A really cool piece of history that any Audiphile would want on their wall. You can check out FIA’s historical database HERE.

From Monday September 19 to Sunday September 25, with any purchase of entries in the Audi Club RS 3 Sweepstakes, you will automatically be eligible to win a 24in W x 36in H canvas…your choice of the 80, quattro, or Sport quattro. One lucky winner will get this incredibly cool poster. Any of these will look great on your wall! Your canvas will obviously not have the black Audi Club identifier bar across the bottom. The winner of the canvas will be contacted on Monday, September 26.

Good luck! Enter HERE.