Audi Club Sweepstakes Ends Thursday So We’re Throwing Formawerx Into The Mix!

As the sweepstakes period winds down and we are already giving away the shop with our latest promotion (two 1:18 scale models and a 3-pack decal set), we decided to add one last item to the mix: a Formawerx key. We gave one away a couple of months ago and just like last time, you have your choice of either the DTM key or the VTEC key (non-titanium model). Formawerx will also engrave it for you.

So THREE lucky participants of our Sweepstakes will win their choice of either a 1:18 scale Nogaro Blue B5 S4 sedan or 1:18 scale C5 allroad or your choice of the Formawerx DTM or VTEC key. Please note: these keys (DTM or VTEC) are for pre-transponder models (before MY2000)So if you win this promotion, the key will not be able to be used on ‘modern’ Audi models. You can keep it as a keepsake or you can graciously give it to a friend who has a pre-transponder Audi…or you can let us know and we will pick another person.

From June 23rd to the end of the Sweepstakes on June 30th, any purchase of entries in the Audi Club Sweepstakes will be eligible for one of these models or a Formawerx DTM or VTEC key…you get to choose! Everyone gets a 3-pack of decals! I can’t believe we are down to a couple of days. Thank you for your donations to the Audi Club Sweepstakes. We will be drawing for the 1:18 scale models and key on July 1 and for the 1985 Audi quattro on or around July 7th!

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