Audi Club Board of Directors Election

Audi Club National Board Election Opens

Audi Club North America’s National Board of Directors election begins Sunday, October 15th and will be open through Wednesday, November 15th. You will receive an email with a web link to your election ballot.

Each year, three of the nine National Board of Director positions are up for election. Directors serve a 3-year term and are eligible to run for a second 3-year term.

The Audi Club North America Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee has confirmed three candidates running for the three open positions. Though the election will be uncontested, holding an election is still required by the bylaws. Here are the candidates (in alphabetical order):

Darren Dowdy – Eastern Canada Chapter

With a deep passion for the brand and wealth of experience as an Audi car enthusiast, I believe I am the ideal candidate to bring fresh perspectives, dedication, and strategic thinking to the ACNA Board of Directors.

Having been an avid Audi enthusiast for many years, I possess a comprehensive understanding of Audi’s history, models, and innovations. I also currently manage the roadside services contact center for Audi Canada 24/7 and 365 days a year. My commitment to the brand is evident through my active participation in local car events, meet-ups, and online forums. This involvement has not only deepened my knowledge of the Audi community, but also fueled my desire to play a more integral role in shaping its future.

As a potential board member, I bring a unique blend of passion and experience. My familiarity with various Audi models, technical features, and performance characteristics enables me to engage with fellow enthusiasts on a profound level. Additionally, my participation in past automotive club activities has honed my leadership, communication, and teamwork skills – qualities that I believe are essential for a board member. 

My vision for the Audi club centers around fostering a vibrant and inclusive community where members can share their passion, exchange knowledge, and create memorable experiences. I am committed to collaborating with fellow board members to organize engaging events, enhance member benefits, and ensure that the club remains a hub for Audi enthusiasts to connect and thrive.

Furthermore, I am eager to leverage my digital marketing expertise to enhance the club’s online presence, creating a dynamic platform that facilitates interaction, information sharing and engagement among members. I strongly believe that by embracing technological advancements, we can expand the reach of the club and cater to a broader audience of Audi enthusiasts.

In conclusion, my profound passion for Audi cars, combined with my dedication to fostering community growth and my skills in digital marketing, position me as a strong candidate for the Audi car club board of directors. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my energy, ideas, and knowledge to advance the club’s mission and objectives.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the Audi club community and contribute to its ongoing success.

Carson Heter – Florida Chapter

My professional background up until this year was comprised of 21 years spent in Service and Parts at new car dealerships, the majority of which were Audi and VW. I have held the titles of Certified VW/Audi Technician and Master Certified VW/Audi Parts Consultant, and as a result, possess extensive product and technical knowledge of both brands. I continue to use this knowledge by maintaining, repairing and modifying all 3 of my Audis. My ongoing (and running) project car is a 2010 8P A3 quattro sportback that has been swapped to a 6-speed manual transmission. I uploaded a detailed how-to video to replicate it on YouTube to make the information available, as I personally lamented that Audi never offered any variant of the A3 as a quattro manual in the US or Canada. I plan to do the same with the 07K 5-cylinder engine I’m building for turbocharging to swap into it next. Having retired from the car business in May of 2023, I moved on to another career as a Safety Compliance Inspector in the construction industry – separating my hobby from my job for the first time.

After attending a Winter Driving School held by the NEQ Chapter in 2005, I started participating in HPDEs with ACNA the following summer. My first event with the NEQ Chapter was at Watkins Glen. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I’ve been hooked ever since. That led me to serve on the NJ Chapter Board of Directors from 2007-2010, assisting with running their first and second HPDE events as well as Teen Driving/Car Control Clinics. I also completed my instructor candidacy under the NJ Chapter’s Chief Instructor in 2008, and have since instructed with the NJ Chapter, Ohio Chapter and the Potomac-Chesapeake Chapter at HPDEs as well as a NAAC Chapter Winter Driving School. I have also served on the ACNA National Social Media team for many years, first on the Classifieds page on Facebook and then being added to the National Facebook page moderators later.

My vision for ACNA, if elected to the board, isn’t complex. I wish to continue to foster the things that got me hooked on ACNA back in 2005 – education, camaraderie and excitement for the Audi brand. My former career working for Audi and VW dealers allows me to bring that knowledge to the board without a conflict of interest. This club has introduced me to friends I’ve now known for 18 years, helped me continue to improve my driving techniques, and has been so much fun to be a part of. I’d be honored to be able to give back to the club even more with a position on the National board.

Melisa Wilcox – Florida Chapter 

I’m an enthusiast with a deep connection to Audi and a passion for driving growth. My journey with Audi Club North America has been a thrilling ride, marked by leadership, commitment, and a shared love for all things Audi. As I prepare to run for another term on the Board of Directors, I’m excited to reflect on my path and the road that lies ahead.

My story within the club is one of continuous evolution. From my early days as a Region Lead of Emerald Coast – ACFL, Board Member at large, serving as Secretary, to my current role as Vice President, I’ve been on a mission to make a lasting impact. What truly fuels my fire is the belief that our collective love for Audi can spark remarkable transformations.

Reviving the Emerald Coast Region of Audi Club of Florida is a chapter of my journey that I hold dear. Recognizing its potential, I brought together fellow enthusiasts, organized engaging events, and nurtured a vibrant community. This spirit of innovation and growth is something I’m eager to carry forward—to spark change and nurture progress, whether on a local scale or across the nation.

My leadership journey has been a dynamic one, interwoven with the fabric of the club’s various committees. As the current Chair of the Membership and Nomination Committee, I’ve championed the importance of a robust member base and capable leaders to steer our ship. The Governance Committee has allowed me to safeguard our operational integrity, while my role in the Marketing & Sponsorship Committee has honed my interest for securing essential support.

For me, volunteering isn’t just about the short-term—it’s about the long haul. This philosophy is evident in my multiple leadership commitments, including roles as Secretary, Board Member at Large, and as the current Vice President. These roles showcase my dedication to invest my time, expertise, and passion over the years, ensuring consistency, growth, and impact. Whether refining processes, expanding our membership, or fostering brand relations, I’m here to create enduring change.

My vision for the upcoming term revolves around three pillars: effective chapter governance, strategic membership growth, and forging stronger ties with Audi of America. I envision chapters thriving under well-defined structures, promoting efficiency and unity. Through strategic membership initiatives, I aim to attract fresh faces while nurturing our existing community. My unwavering connection to the Audi brand drives my commitment to strengthen collaboration with Audi of America, a partnership that can elevate both our club and the brand itself.

If elected for this new term, I’m armed with a history of commitment, leadership, and strategic insight. My journey isn’t just about serving on the Board—it’s about weaving my passion into the tapestry of Audi Club North America. I hope my story inspires others to take the wheel and steer positive change within our community. Here’s to the journey ahead—let’s drive it together.

This is your opportunity, as a member of Audi Club North America, to cast your vote for the future of the Club. These three candidates have stepped forward to lead the Club so let’s show them our support. Members may vote for up to three (3) of the aforementioned nominees.

All Active, Associate and Family members in good standing, as of October 14th, 2023, will be sent an email ballot with a link to the voting website. The election is being conducted using Survey Hero.

Your completed ballot will be received and verified by independent audit. All ballots received by 11:59 pm Eastern on Wednesday, November 15, will be tabulated and results will be publicized on and via email announcing the new Directors who will begin in January for the 2024 to 2026 term.