Audi Club North America Members Vote on Family Member Voting Rights and a Permanent IT Committee

On August 20, 2020, full Audi Club members voted on two issues: Family Member Voting Rights and a stand-alone IT Committee. Here were the two questions put forth to the members:

Family Member Voting Rights

Today, Club Members that are signed up as ACNA Family Members play an instrumental part in supporting the Club by volunteering but they do not have the right to vote under the current bylaws. This resolution proposes that Family Members in good standing obtain the right to vote in the National Board of Directors elections.

Should Audi Club Family Members obtain the right to vote in future National Board of Directors elections?

Information Technology Committee

The current Information Technology Committee is ad hoc and currently a sub-committee of the Policies and Procedures Standing Committee. This resolution proposes to establish the Information Technology Committee as a standing committee due to modern IT needs.

Should the Technology Committee become a standing committee?

A SurveyMonkey poll was then emailed and members had until August 27, 2020 11:45pm EST to vote.

On Friday, the votes were tabulated and the results are as follows:

The votes were overwhelmingly ‘Yes’ for both questions. The next National Board of Directors election is just around the corner. You may read the candidate statements HERE. Thank you to everyone who voted on these changes.