Audi Club North America Board Elects New President and Executives

Oconomowoc, WI –

The nine members of the new 2018 Board of Directors of Audi Club North America held their first meeting of the new year. The first order of business on the agenda was selection of officers to lead the Audi Club National Board for 2018. Audi Club President for 2017, Connie Johnson opened the meeting and entertained nominations of Bud Dannemiller, Kentucky Chapter, for President and Gregg Gumbinger, Golden Gate Chapter, for Treasurer. Gordon Varney, Eastern Canada Chapter, newly elected board member for 2018, accepted the nomination for Secretary. Nominations for Vice President were entered for Roger Labas, Carolinas Chapter and Ted Dannemiller, Georgia Chapter. With only one candidate for the President, Secretary and Treasurer positions, the board voted unanimously to elect those nominees.


Bud Dannemiller is your new 2018 Audi Club North America President. Gregg Gumbinger returns as Audi Club Treasurer. Gordon Varney will serve as board Secretary. With two candidates for Vice-President, board members cast their votes using the Zoom Conferencing private message system. The election result could not have been closer. When the votes were counted, Ted Dannemiller received 5 and Roger Labas had 4 votes. Ted Dannemiller will continue as Vice-President for 2018.


With board officer elections completed and the new 2018 Executive Committee in place, outgoing President Connie handed the virtual gavel to new President Bud. As first order of business, President Dannemiller asked for the board to approve an invitation to Johnson to serve as Past President advisor to the board for 2018. All members were in favor of the invitation.


Appreciation was expressed for Roger Labas on his willingness to serve Audi Club in a leadership role. Roger stated his interest in continuing to work toward improving the club and seeking an executive role in the future.New board members, Christine Lemley and Troy Sicotte both outlined their desire to assist the current Executive Committee and learn the roles in preparation for Audi Club leadership positions.

Audi Club Executive Director, Paul Truess, offered,” The future of Audi Club is bright. Our new board executives are ready to lead and strengthen our club. Plus we have new board members committed to developing themselves into the next Audi Club leaders.”

New President Bud Dannemiller stated, “We are committed to keep our focus on serving the members of Audi Club.”

The next Audi Club national board meeting will be held at the headquarters venue for the 2018 Audi Club National Event in Tacoma, Washington March 2-4.


About Audi Club North America

Audi Club North America is the largest Audi owners club in the world. Over 10,000 members share the passion of Audi ownership across the US and Canada by engaging in activities organized by their fellow Audi Club members. The 31 Audi Club North America Chapters conduct over 450 events per year, providing unique opportunities to enhance the Audi ownership experience by offering exciting, fun, social, technical and driver education activities in North America.