Audi Club North America Attends Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals, Including Charity Breakfast at Audi Mechanicsburg

Carlisle, PA – Like the venerable quattro all-wheel drive system itself, Audi owners are a hearty lot. They’re not ones to be chased away by bad weather, which was critical given this year’s Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals sported a slot in the calendar heartily dampened by rain. Nevertheless, the show went on and the Audi owners seemed little phased by something as trivial as precipitation.

As the name would suggest, the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals caters to a wide range of automotive brands. Figure everything that isn’t domestic is welcome, and even domestics tend to come in under the Performance or less popular kit/replica car invitations. Evenstill, European brands are the biggest draw on the grassy show fields of the Carlisle fairgrounds. Audi, in particular is one of the largest of these groups.

The event itself is a three day weekend affair, and those who showed up early for the often sleepy Friday portion of the event were treated with the best weather of the weekend that was all the better strolling the rows of vendors and more under a warm Pennsylvania sun.

By Saturday, the rain had arrived. So too had many owners to the annual Audi Owner Breakfast at nearby Audi Mechanicsburg. This central Pennsylvania dealership is a longtime supporter of Audi Club North America and the even wider group of Audi owners who travel in to this part of the USA for the Carlisle event.

Not only did Audi Mechanicsburg offer a well-stocked and warm breakfast, plus a dry place to enjoy it, but they also allowed ACNA to hold a second annual charity sale stocked with donations from Audi Genuine Accessories. The sale itself offers a mix of Audi parts, accessories,and Audi collection clothing, with prices set at whatever the buyer determines the piece is worth. All money collected goes to Audi Mechanicsburg’s own local charity of choice, in this case Safe Harbour. Recognizing it is all for a good cause, the sale raised over $800.

By 10 AM Saturday, the Audi-driving crowd commuted from Audi Mechanicsburg to the Carlisle Fairgrounds for the main event. Rain had set in for most of the day, but the precipitation didn’t douse enthusiasm. Hundreds of Audis took to the field, a mix of the latest offerings to keen vintage models like a DKW Junior and any number of ur quattros. Even some forbidden fruit arrived, by way of Canadian attendees who brought unobtainable offerings such as an Audi S2 Avant.

This large and varied mix of cars and people is always the main draw of the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals. Though officially supported by Audi Club North America’s Mid Atlantic and Western Pennsylvania Chapters, Audi owners themselves come in from all over the Eastern United States and Canada in order to spend the weekend catching up with old friends and encountering new and intriguing cars.

If you missed the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals, perhaps consider adding it to your calendar for next year. No doubt you’ll meet many like-minded Audi owners, not to mention fans and cars from countless other automotive marques no matter how common or obscure.

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