Audi Club Lone Star Sunday Drive to Fredericksburg, TX

words & photos: Audi Club Lone Star

Fredericksburg is a city of beauty and charm. The city was founded in 1846 by German immigrants and is well known by its wineries. The best time to visit Fredericksburg is during wine harvest season but for the European car enthusiasts anytime is a great time to visit the city’s German heritage.

The gathering began promptly on the Sunday morning of January 20th at the Austin and San Antonio Metro followed by a caravan to Pontotoc Vineyard in Fredericksburg. The San Antonio group met with the Austin group at the Vineyard wasting no time to start chatting about cars and of course, begin the wine tasting. The place is a great little hidden gem and the owners will make you feel welcomed.

The afternoon began with another drive, this time to Altstadt Brewery. The club quickly organized the parking spaces to take pictures of all the cars together and “show-off” like if it was a car show. The club then enjoyed the fine German style food and beers from the bavarian brewery. A perfect afternoon to share your New Year’s resolution regarding the upcoming modifications for your vehicle.

No doubt about it, the Audi club members and enthusiasts enjoyed the Sunday drive to Fredericksburg and are expecting more of these events in 2019.