Audi Club Kansas City QuattroBarn

by: Armen Budagov

Editor’s note: This article originally ran in the Q3_2020 issue of quattro Magazine. If you would like to subscribe to quattro Magazine, join Audi Club here. Follow Audi Club Kansas City quattroBarn YouTube channel HERE.

quattroBarn is a media company created by Audi Club Kansas City leaders Armen Budagov and Jacob Lauck as a worldwide-accessible source that seeks out custom builds, track cars, and other rare Audi vehicles. At quattroBarn, we are passionate to tell you the story of these vehicles and their owners.

quattroBarn was founded in 2019 as a YouTube-based news channel for Audi Club Kansas City. The first few episodes of quattroBarn focused solely on Audi Club related happenings in the Kansas City area. It was not until host Jacob Lauck decided to go through with his dream build and quattroBarn’s course changed considerably. Jacob began the transformation of his of 200,000+ mile A6 (C6) wagon into an S6 Avant complete with V10. One could say that “Avantmore,” the nickname Jacob often uses for his project, helped guide a new route for quattroBarn. Following the very first 2-minute clip where Jake announced the project, almost 50 messages came in with all kinds of questions, recommendations, and simple interest about the car. It was clear that the Avantmore conversion needed to be fully documented.

This journey has included countless hours writing scripts, putting together a crew, figuring out the right equipment, and finding filming locations.  One of the first things to take place was finding our cinematographer – someone who shared our passion for cars, had enough expertise, time, and dedication to take on the project. After careful consideration and months of searching, we welcomed a young and talented local artist, Richard Bobalov, to the team. The quality of production that Richard brings to the group complements well with the content and the guests of our show. We are very excited to reveal the first episodes filmed by Richard.

We quickly learned that proper equipment is critical to the whole operation. It took us quite a few takes to figure out how to work the microphones correctly. In fact, the very first episode of quattroBarn that were filmed on Jake’s driveway had to be re-filmed twice due to sound issues.

Luckily for us, the location was never an issue. Local businesses were extremely helpful and supportive. Molle Audi of Kansas City, German Auto Services, PHP Specialists, Prestige Auto KC, Chicane Motorsports, and KC Detailing all allowed filming on location. Every background that you are going to see in the first season will take you into one of these companies.

This inaugural first season of quattroBarn is being filmed exclusively in the Kansas City area and will consist of 12 episodes. The area of filming will be expanded for the 2nd season. quattroBarn’s first season is currently scheduled to go live in July of 2020. Also, you can already find teaser films and shorts on both our YouTube and Facebook channels.

Shedding light on some of the content that is being prepared – we must say that our audience will be pleasantly surprised with some of the most fascinating stories, amazing vehicles, and fanatics who boldly follow their dream. Some of the episodes will cover builds that took well over 5 years to become road worthy; cars that were in the families for over 25 years; what it takes to own a 9-second daily driver, or build a car that Audi never brought to the United States. You will see amazing cars and more importantly the great people behind these cars… owners, technicians, bodywork specialists, and more.  Tune in this summer to quattroBarn for an Audi experience that shouldn’t be missed.