Audi Club 2020 Member of the Year Winner Revealed

Kelly Batton representing the Audi Club Arizona Chapter is the Audi Club North America 2020 Member of the Year.

Five Audi Club members were in contention for the award after being chosen by their respective chapter as Chapter Member of the Year nominees. The nine National Board Directors reviewed the nomination petitions and voted to choose the winner.

The Member of the Year is the most prestigious acknowledgement that Audi Club North America can bestow on one of its members. It is an honor given in memory of Darlene Lyndsley, Frank Beddor’s assistant when quattro Club USA was first formed in 1984. Darlene was a tireless organizer, who ensured everyone was welcomed as an Audi enthusiast and club member.

Member of the Year Chapter winners and National MOY nominees are:

2020 Member of the Year is Kelly Batton, from Audi Club Arizona.

Nominated by Randy Nelson. “My first connection to our chapter was a drive to have lunch in the mountain town of Prescott, AZ. Let’s just say it was a highly exhilarating ride for my first mountain experience in an Audi! I could hardly wait to get to the next meeting, where I found two guys sitting at a table with no future events planned. Instant deflation. The club was drying up as the fun and volunteers had slipped away. That’s when two women walked into the room and as we were talking one of them, Kelly Batton, pulled out a printed spreadsheet with a 365-day calendar chock full of Audiesque activities. My utter depression of being told nothing was planned gave way as the trumpets sounded and the cavalry had arrived! Kelly spoke very proficient Audi, being introduced to the brand by her late husband Terry, who worked for the Audi Rally Team in Europe. The first thing Kelly did was to have the three of us make a list of what we wanted to do within the club. From this list she matched our desires with the needs of the club and assigned each of us an area of responsibility. We were entrusted with social media and event planning and copywriting. Kelly would find interesting festivals and events and, using her banking experience, would run our backroom. And we were off and running!” He went on to close with ” We view Kelly as our “rock”. At times when the rest of us are flying around, she comes in with a “maybe if you make this adjustment?” that makes things work smoother, makes us see the bigger picture, or simply makes us feel calmer and at ease. Okay, so what if she’s our Mom even if she is way younger than us? She is a member of the Women in Car Club Leadership Council to further education. We admire that she will steal a good idea from anywhere! She was the first to volunteer to be the named contact in quattro after the administration change, reflecting her “let’s do this” attitude. She truly is our very own “create order out of chaos” lady.”

Gerry Blow, 2020 Chapter Member of the Year for Audi Club Carolinas.

Nominated by Jessica Ewing and Carol Monnot. “Gerry is a great Audi Club ambassador for our chapter and is always recruiting possible new members every chance he gets, whether it’s handing out Club brochures to folks he meets in parking lots, or taking the time to explain about ACNA and what we do, he is always more than willing to take the time to share his passion for the Audi brand. Gerry is always speaking to potential sponsors as well as our current sponsors.  He has suggested several events which we have made happen. Gerry and Heide are always thinking of ways to improve our local events. Gerry and Heide attend car shows which they bring their beautiful 1987 4000 csq which has won awards. They show pride in being Audi owners since 1987 and have added several other Audis over the years, however the 4000 csq has a special place in their hearts.”

Barb & Rudy Lohff, 2020 Chapter Member of the Year for Audi Club Florida.

Nominated by Gerald Simms and Robert Greving. “Being in their 80’s, they organized and restarted the Platinum Coast region after years of dormancy. They initiated numerous luncheons and drives, coordinated activities such as Cars and Coffees, and tech sessions with three Audi dealerships. They participated in non-profit fundraising activities, and of course few photo ops along the way.  Getting one dealer to support them is excellent, enlisting 3 is phenomenal. They have had donations for events they promoted by the dealerships.  Audi of Fort Myers actually has been having very nice name tags made for the new members. The interaction with the three dealerships during the pandemic was incredibly supportive of the region and the ACFL chapter.  They have not missed a single chapter call since coming onboard Audi Club of Florida as the Platinum Coast Region Leads. Barb and Rudy are they type of people you want representing Audi. Having organized and restarting regional activities, having luncheons and drives, coordinating activities with 3 Audi dealerships, and participating in non-profit fundraising activities, this couple is a team, doing everything together for the benefit of the club.  They are such an inspirational and youthful couple in their 80’s. That is why this couple is Florida’s nominee.”

Michael Collier, 2020 Chapter Member of the Year for Audi Club North Atlantic.

Nominated by Bailey Bishop. “Michael has been a member of ACNA for a long, long time. He was involved in the development of NAAC as a stand-alone chapter years before it separated from NEQ. Michael is currently the NAAC Vice President and has held a number of the other executive positions in the past. He is an Audi enthusiast through and through and is always looking to promote NAAC as a chapter of ACNA, and deliver outstanding events to our members. He is ALWAYS on the national monthly call. Michael organizes our annual Covered Bridge Tour (now in year 6), last year’s new Scavenger Hunt Rally and has organized a new Mobius Rally for this year. He also proposed new monthly ice cream socials that we have started, which are less formal get together, focused on attracting new members. If there is something that needs to be address or done, Michael is an active and willing participant. Michael lives and breathes Audi and the club has been an outlet for his passion, not only for the marque but also for the people, the enthusiasts. He is always thinking about how. our club and specifically our chapter can add value to people who share the Audi passion.”

Don Istook, 2020 Chapter Member of the Year for Audi Club Lone Star.

Nominated by Ariel Esparza. “Don has always demonstrated a willingness to share his knowledge and experience with our members and also a great partner for our dealership – Audi Dominion on ACLS events. I am excited to see what he will bring to the table to further enhance the enthusiasm and respect with our members. Don continues to show leadership at events of all types such as, IMSA race events, WEC events, ACLS sponsored states meets as well as dealer breakfast/dinners at Audi Dominion.”