Audi and Hyundai Intend Cooperation on the Development of Fuel Cell Technology

[source: Audi AG]

  • Patent cross-licensing for accelerated development to volume production
  • Audi Board Member for Technical Development Peter Mertens: “Want to achieve attractive cost structures for the breakthrough of the most systematic form of electric driving”
  • Audi full-size SUV with fuel cell technology as first small series at the beginning of the next decade


AUDI AG and Hyundai Motor Group are driving the development of fuel cell technology. The two companies plan to cross-license patents and grant access to non-competitive components. The agreement is currently subject to approval from the applicable regulatory authorities. Through their collaboration, both partners aim to bring the fuel cell to volume production maturity more quickly and more efficiently. Audi and Hyundai are also exploring more far-reaching collaboration on the development of this sustainable technology.