Audi Achieves Solid Financials in First Half of the Year and Anticipates Growing Challenges

[source: Audi AG]

  • Audi Group: €31.2 billion revenue, €2.8 billion operating profit, operating return on sales of 8.9 percent
  • CFO Alexander Seitz: “We are keeping Audi on track in an exceptional year”
  • Audi transformation plan: implementation of first measures with positive earnings effect of more than €0.5 billion in full year

In the first half of 2018, the Audi Group increased its revenue to €31.2 billion and its operating profit to €2.8 billion. The Four Rings’ operating return on sales followed a stable development and amounted to 8.9 percent, as in the first half of last year. As forecast in the annual report, the company expects significant fluctuations of its key financials and volume figures during 2018. Following an increase in deliveries to customers of 4.5 percent in the first half of this year, there will be an increasingly negative impact in the second half of the year from the changeover to the WLTP test cycle and the most comprehensive transformation of the model portfolio in Audi’s history. Positive effects will result from the systematic implementation of the Audi transformation plan that was started at the beginning of the year.