Audi Accessories S5 Sportback

words: Bill, photos: Marcus Inge, Will Barber

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When it finally arrived in the USA, the B9 Sportback range immediately became a popular addition to the Audi lineup. The A5 Sportback is a good start but the fruit higher up the branch is what the enthusiast wants. Of course, the RS 5 is the most desirable one but the S5…the S5 is perfect. Perfect for spirited drives; perfect as a daily driver. And speaking of daily driving, this subtle build showing off the latest from Audi Accessories and H&R would fit the bill quite well.

For starters, it’s exclusive… like Audi exclusive exclusive, with Quantum Grey paint. But that’s just the start.

The exterior is the normal focal point of a car and this S5 has reaped the benefits directly via the latest offerings from the Audi Genuine Accessories program. Black rings look great front and rear especially since this S5 has the Black Optics package. New matte carbonfiber mirror caps and rear spoiler make an aggressive car even more so. New black optics components such as side fender badge and door handles have been replaced with gloss black ones. The wheels were replaced with 20×10-inch BBS CI-R 50th Anniversary Bronze Edition wheels fitted with Falken Azenis F510 tires in 265 35 20 sizing.

Looks aren’t the only thing improved when it comes to suspension. Handling is also key, so H&R is a great addition to the build. This S5 has a lower and more aggressive stance thanks to a combination of the German suspension brand’s Street Performance Springs, Sport Sway Bars front & rear, plus TRAK+ wheel spacers bestowing the BBS wheels with just a bit more poke.

The aural sense is stimulated with the addition of an easily installed sound enhancing resonator kit, also new from Audi Accessories. Watch online videos of an S5 with this kit and you’ll know why anyone have install one.

The latest kit from Audi Genuine Accessories continues on the inside. You’ll notice the bright S emblem puddle lights as you open the doors. The red rhombus and white “S” really stand out. This S5 has carbon fiber trim pieces and a new matching shift knob from ABT Sportsline completes the look. To protect the interior, front and rear all-weather S5 floor mats are installed along with an all-weather cargo mat.

As you can see, these accessories really finish the bold statement an S5 Sportback already makes. If you are lucky enough to have one, make sure you turn to Audi Genuine Accessories for your “prepping for the show” needs.

Parts List

Audi Genuine Accessories All Weather Cargo Mat 8W8061180
Audi Genuine Accessories All Weather S5 Floor Mats (front) 8W7061221B041
Audi Genuine Accessories All Weather S5 Floor Mats (rear) 8W0061511041
Audi Genuine Accessories Matte Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps 8W0072530C3Q0
Audi Genuine Accessories Matte Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler 8W8071641B3Q0
Audi Genuine Accessories Black Door Handle Kit ZAW071600JDSP
Audi Genuine Accessories Sound Enhancing Resonator Kit 8W0071904
Audi Genuine Accessories S emblem Audi Beam 4G0052133J
Audi Genuine Accessories Black Audi Rings ZAW098010EDSP
Audi Genuine Accessories Carbon Fiber Shift Knob ZAW064230B3Q0
BBS CI-R 20×10” 50th Anniversary Bronze Edition Wheels  
Falken Azenis F510 tires  
H&R Sport Sway Bars (Front & Rear)  
H&R Street Performance Springs  
H&R Trak+ Wheel Spacers