Audi A6 allroad Spied Testing. Will It Come to USA?

Many were surprised last week in Geneva when the A6 allroad didn’t make a showing. Audi instead chose to show an all-electric lineup on its Geneva show stand, leaving the A6 allroad to bow another day. Could that day be New York? Recent tweets from Audi USA have us wondering.

What you see here are some of the latest spy photos of an A6 allroad test mule. This particular car was caught cold weather testing in Sweden. While it wears cladding, you can clearly see the allroad cues on this obvious A6 Avant shape. There’s a change in bumper design, extended body flares, and that taller ride height.

The next international auto show of record where Audi could debut the car is New York next month. That event has traditionally played its role as stage for market introductions in the past, but last year’s dropping of the RS 5 Sportback’s world reveal there at an evening event held at Classic Car Club Manhattan has proven that New York’s prominence as an event has grown in the eyes of Audi.

Now do the math. Audi of America’s official Twitter account was tweeting about a summoning circle for Avants in the USA just last week. The timing certainly seems right for an A6 allroad reveal in the big apple. We’ll know for certain in a few weeks.

Our own intel suggests the A6 allroad is effectively a done deal for the USA. That should be happy news for American Avant enthusiasts. If it does come though, don’t expect it before calendar year 2020.

Check out more photos spy photos of the A6 allroad test mule below.