Asso di Picche in Movimiento at Milan Design Week 2024

  • Italdesign Showroom – Opificio 31 event space- Via Tortona 31 – April 15-21, 2024
  • World debut of the 1:1 physical see-through model of the Asso di Picche in Movimento by Italdesign that, on the occasion of Milano Design Week, comes along with the historical Asso di Picche, dating back to 1973
  • Joaquin Garcia, Head of Design at Italdesign: “In an era dominated by digital innovation, a tangible 1:1 model remains central in its ability to captivate, inspire, and evoke genuine emotional response”
  • CEO Antonio Casu: ” We use advanced manufacturing techniques combined with the unparalled expertise of our craftsmen to ensure the best for our customers”
  • Asso di Picche in Movimento reflects Italdesign creative team’s desire to give an updated interpretation of the company’s philosophy, which expands to address issues currently debated
  • An eye-catching, colorful sculpture of Asso di Picche in Movimento is on display at the entrance of the Italdesign showroom to welcome visitors and testify that “An automobile’s design continues to be the formal interpretation of the concept of movement.”
  • Terra, Faemina and Esasit industrial design products, together with the Aurea packaging project, all from Italdesign Industrial Design Division, to complete the space set-up

[source: Italdesign]

Moncalieri, Italy – A 1:1 physical model embodies the best combination of accurate design and artisanal craftsmanship, serving as a tangible testament able to transcend the limitations of digital renderings and to command attention to Italdesign’s vision and commitment to excellence. Asso di Picche in Movimento model is on display at Milano Design Week from April 15-21.

Joaquin Garcia, Head of Design at Italdesign stated: “In an era dominated by digital innovation, we first worked on a digital model, however a tangible 1:1 model, in this case a static, see-through model, remains central in its ability to captivate, inspire, and evoke genuine emotional response, as it offers a preview of future trends and of what we might expect from future production archetypes. Its physicality enables to assess proportions, elegance, simplicity, functionality, ergonomics, and materials in real-world environments. What is more, a physical model solicits public’s input, which to us is fundamental to identify areas for improvement and design refinement to better meet customers’ needs and expectations”.

CEO Antonio Casu, specified: ”Our in-house expertise in modeling and coachbuilding is enviable. A true privilege that is essential for our company, as we have always been looking to maintain quality and competitiveness in our industry on a worldwide level by means of cutting-edge equipment, of dedicated, continuous training for our employees, as well as of the know how of our craftsmen. The most recent projects we developed, from Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign to Caterham Project V concept coupé, are testaments. We use advanced manufacturing techniques combined with the unparalled expertise of our modelers and coachbuilders to ensure the best for our customers”.

After its debut in digital form in October last year, Asso di Picche in Movimento turns physical: crafted from a fusion of epoxy resin and sleek plexiglass, the model is meticulously coated in water-based metallic grey paint with satin finishing and hints of blue. A color that, thanks to its shades, speaks of ‘motion’ and fluidity. Therefore, while paying homage to the original car, it helps observers to properly understand lines and volumes of the concept that speak about a sophisticated future.

The model is accurately assembled to emulate the realism of a fully functional vehicle: the Asso di Picche’s very prominent C-Pillar, here becomes an efficient and reliable structural element, as are the distinguishing belts that on Asso di Picche in Movimento merge with the armrests and transform into handles on the door panels, besides becoming structural elements of connection from the dashboard to the front end of the passenger compartment.

The lighting clusters, in-house-designed, milled and built at the Italdesign Lighting Department, announce the vehicle’s design identity via an interpretation of the company’s logo and are perfectly working. They embellish, enliven and light up front and rear of the vehicle, even with the welcome lighting coming on, for the pure sake of accuracy, in the true coachbuilders’ tradition.

Forged with precision 10”x22” rims featuring wheel hubs designed by the creative team of Italdesign complement the car’s aesthetics, as well as the Ultrac Pro tires 295/30 ZR22, created by Italdesign for Vredestein.

Besides celebrating Italdesign’s heritage, Asso di Picche in Movimento also suggests the modern-day interpretation of the company’s design philosophy, that today updates and enlarges to tackle many of the contemporary topics being debated in the automotive sector.

“Asso di Picche in Movimento is the first of the anniversary models that we will create in the future to celebrate our amazing heritage. With its light body, its simple and clean design and its interesting proportions, the original Asso di Picche has influenced quite a number of production car models and has become an icon over time. Definitely worth to honor,” commented Joaquin Garcia. “Together with my creative team, on one side, we have worked to celebrate its 50th anniversary, on the other side, we have projected it into the future. As a matter of fact, Asso di Picche in Movimento already reflects our desire to give an updated interpretation of our company’s philosophy, which expands to address issues that are so much currently debated. It suggests, for example, a humanized approach to an empowering and not overwhelming technology. This goes with our prioritizing an all-round approach to sustainability at every stage of the design process, to ensure minimal environmental impact, as well as with a daily search for a general enhancement of a human-centric approach and of a human/nature/vehicle emotional connection”.

Every aspect of Asso di Picche in Movimento is driven by the design team’s major commitment to putting the needs of driver and passengers first. The increase of the general dimensions and structure of the anniversary model, if compared with the original design study, mean a much wider effectiveness in handling a collision, which makes it more appreciable safety wise. Together with the generously-sized and double-hinged doors, this makes entry and exit experience more comfortable.

“If we had a look at Asso di Picche in Movimento from the top, we’d appreciate the visual continuity between the windshield, the roof and the rear window. This single transparent dome offers a bright interior and a smooth connectivity between the inside and exterior spaces. This interchange, which is also emotional, gives passengers a sense of freedom and an immersive travel experience, so enhancing their well-being”, continued Joaquin Garcia.

When approaching the realm of the model’s interiors, a sense of modernity, elegance, sophistication is conveyed and a general enhancement of the car’s livability is suggested.

The toffee color of the original model has been reinterpreted in a caramel bronze tone that describes the entire body tub ring and also extends to some areas of the seats. The use of materials such as non-animal derived leather and sustainable microfibre are envisaged for the car’s interior saddlery.

From a functional perspective, its simple forms can contribute to a natural and user-friendly experience for passengers. Technology is seamlessly integrated, becoming almost invisible until necessary. Interfaces are intuitive and unobstrusive, designed to fulfill needs with minimal effort or distraction.

The dashboard stands out for its minimalist and iconic character: a cylinder that extends forward, housing and presenting essential information in a sleek and intuitive manner. The foldable display elegantly emerges when required, integrating into the dashboard’s design. When a minimalistic look is desired, it discreetely retracts, conceiling within the dashboard.

The ambiance is enhanced by a subtle infusion of natural fragrances, elevating passengers’ journey to a sensory delight and reminding them the beauty and resilience of the natural world. Onboard speakers, seamlessy integrated into the dashboard, envelop them in a one-of-a-kind, calming and invigorating experience.

Asso di Picche 1973

At Milano Design Week 2024, Italdesign could not but organize a surprise for all the visiting designers, architects, innovators and design enthusiasts from all over the world. For a dive into the past 50 years of Italian execellence, along with Asso di Picche in Movimento, in the limelight on display there is the original Asso di Picche, today part of the Volkswagen Classic Collection hosted at the VW Karmann Museum in Osnabrück and kindly lent for the event.

Italdesign Industrial Design Division

The objects on display at Italdesign showroom include some industrial design projects:

Esasit Concept
This is a concept design developed in partnership with Alcantara. The reference to Italdesign’s recent automotive production is highlighted here by the particular hexagonal form of the individual elements, which invoke the aesthetic elements used on the GTZero and DaVinci concept cars and on the ultra-limited series production models Zerouno and Zerouno Duerta. It is precisely the unusual design of each element which allows them to freely come together to create a colorful, dynamic mosaic which can adapt to different environments and situations.

Faemina Faema
From an encounter between the worlds of design and coffee comes Faemina, for a premium coffee experience to be enjoyed at home. Clean lines, high quality materials and the 100% made in Italy manufacture, make this machine a timeless work of art. For the choice of different finishes, from the classic elegance of black and white to more sophisticated polished aluminium and satin-finish copper, Faemina is perfect for any environment. Faemina was awarded the Archiproducts Design Award and the Special Mention for Sustainability in 2021, in the Kitchen category, and was selected for the ADI Design Index.

Terra , the institutional glass of Consorzio Alta Langa
100% Made in Italy and characteristic three-lobed forms protagonists from the foot to the bowl to express and highlight the values and qualities of Piedmont’s fine bubbles: Terra features a fusion of aesthetics and functionality that unites the excellence of Alta Langa with that of Italdesign in a product that speaks the language of wine, design and Piedmontese savoir faire. Besides incorporating all the features of a tasting glass, this particular wine glass prevents the swirling of the wine when not necessary.

Aurea by Italdesign packaging for the new Peyrano assortment Terra
A common theme of research and innovation unites Italdesign and Peyrano Torino which, for the Aurea packaging, are eloquently expressed through the principles of the golden ratio, which has been known since ancient times and is still studied today. It is the same fascinating Golden Ratio which inspired the name of the new assortment by the old Peyrano chocolate shop in Turin. The distinctive design of Aurea by Italdesign captures the essence of Peyrano’s and Italdesign’s commitment to aesthetic quality and turns the new packaging into an elegant showcase for Peyrano’s ‘gems’, which can enhance the consumer’s experience.

Italdesign is a state-of-the-art customer-centric, method- and fact-based company operating in Styling, Engineering, Production and New Mobility Solutions.

Headquartered in Moncalieri, Turin, Italy, with over 1,200 employees working in Italy and abroad, for 55 years, it has been collaborating with major and emerging national and international players in the mobility, product and transportation design world.

Besides being a proven World Class coachbuilder, Italdesign has become system developer within automotive Electronics such as Infotainment, ADAS or High Voltage Battery Systems in the last years.
Open to partner in solutions for Software Devined Vehicles SDV.

Italdesign can provide an organic and integrated set of methods, techniques and tools aiming to the industrialization of new products and offers services for every phase of the process that leads from the initial idea to series production, including the turnkey process.

From consultancy to creativity, from engineering to production of pre-series prototypes and street-legal ultra-limited series, project management, testing and validation activities, stretching to homologation, legal responsibility for product release and assistance during start of series production of the finished product. Not to mention the mission of being an incubator and an acceleration platform for innovative technologies and radical prototyping:

Italdesign is a reliable and expert partner and enabler, and a hub combing first-rate services with cutting-edge technology and strategy partnerships.

The company has been awarded with more than 200 design awards worldwide and has been named Top Employer Italy over the last years since 2016.

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