A Growing Club - Audi Club is experiencing rapid growth, volunteers for various leadership functions WANTED!
There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the Audi family. Audi brand has been attracting people with diverse backgrounds and interests internationally. Additionally, Audi is ahead of schedule in its bid to become the number one luxury brand.

Audi Club is also experiencing a rapid growth due to our increased teamwork and alignment in vision. In Fall 2012, most Chapter leaders met at Audi of America HQ to discuss where we had been and where we were going. After a two-day session, we agreed to increase teamwork among Chapters via working groups (driver education, social and charity, and infrastructure) to establish a unified Audi Club experience.

With the increased teamwork during our monthly chapter calls and additional working group meetings, and the growing relationship with Audi dealers, Audi of America and Audi AG, many Chapters across the country are experiencing rapid double digit percentage growth. Chapters collectively offer close to 300 events across 30 states and these numbers are growing—and international events are taking place. We now have a variety of events that allow new Audi owners to get to know us and to become Audi enthusiasts through our Social and Charity events. Over time, many new owners will also become Audi Motorsport fans and attend our driver education schools. Today, our membership number is approaching 9000!

The rapid Audi Club growth creates more loads on our existing volunteers. Some Chapters do not have enough volunteer resources to host additional fun events, but they do hear from members about the desire to have more variety of events in their neck of the woods.

We need to scale our operation in order for our organization to continue growing. If you are interested in helping our club in hosting events, developing new kinds of events, promoting events in Social Media, performing business developments with Audi dealers, our partners, and sponsors, organizing and leading teams to manage club growth, please email us at admin@audiclubna.org and we will be happy to get you involved in our collective effort to scale our beloved Audi Club.

Hooked on Driving (HOD)
Our recent partnership with Hooked on Driving is a result of ACNA’s quest to find a means for chapters that do not have the ability or resources to host driver education events for members. Our working groups expect to create more partnerships with different entities specializing in certain types of activities so we can continually broaden our appeal to all new Audi owners.

Kundenbegeisterung and Audi Tulsa
In the spirit of Kundenbegeisterung (customer delight), Audi Tulsa is committed to creating experiences that inspire delight for Audi owners. Part of their dedication to Audi owners includes an ACNA membership for their customers. ACNA plays an important role in turning new Audi owners into enthusiasts by offering a variety of events.This September Audi Tulsa and ACNA invite members to participate in an autocross (site TDB) and driver school at Hallett Raceway! Thank you Audi Tulsa for your support!

Creating Audi Fans
In the coming months, as our partnership with many dealers continues, we will expand and host social events so that Audi owners will get to know us. By offering opportunities to build enthusiasm for the brand, we believe that Audi owners will become Audi enthusiasts. Our next milestone is 10,000 members. Let’s create more Audi Fans!