published in the Fall 2013 quattro quarterly

with Kim Rogers, Jeff Wisz, and David Forbes for hosting a
superb event, as more than 150 combined Audi and race fans
joined to watch over six hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
A few of the boys from Zuffenhausen, M√ľnchen, and Modena
joined fellow enthusiasts and owners of the marque from Ingolstadt
as all spent some quality time with family and friends
while they viewed the start of the race. As mentioned in “Wind
in the Willows” and taking a little literary license to change one
word, which I am sure Mr. Toad would not object to, “There
is nothing—absolutely nothing—half so much worth doing
as simply messing about in cars—‘simply messing’—about in
cars, or with cars”.

Under Kim’s deft leadership and as those who participated
in last years LeMans “Dropping of the Flag,” experienced, the
team at Reeves always puts on class events and this one was
no exception. Along with the brilliant idea of race passes, lanyards,
and livery charts, there were numerous prizes not just
for the attending adults, but also the next generation of motorcar
enthusiasts. Add to this, the excellent fun foods served for
breakfast and lunch, all had an enjoyable time as we parked our
Audis under the trees and amongst the Roundels, Stag Horns,
and a pair of Tridents.

Once again, this was a prime example of Audi Tampa and
the ACFL working in tandem to promote Kundenbegeisterung.
This is Audi’s internal nomenclature for their mission statement,
the inspiring of delight and enthusiasm for the customer
of the four-ringed brand in addition to a few owners of other
marques, who just might like to join that family!

One thing for sure, next year at this event, we will figure out
how we can enlist Bob Varsha at Speed to give Reeves Import
Motorsports, Audi Tampa, and the ACFL a shout out. Over the
years, the Speed team has done it for a couple bars on the West
Coast, I am sure our level of participation, and enthusiasm was
at least on a par with those pub patrons. What a great way to
spend part of one of the longest days of the year!