So, what is a Gimmick Rally? According to North America Motorsports, a Gimmick Rally is a very good way to introduce yourself to the sport of Rally. Normally a Gimmick Rally will have some puzzle to solve. Often the contestants must search for answers to questions, which may provide clues to where the rally route goes, and might be answers to questions about signs and buildings on the route.

Generally these are low key events where the primary object is to have fun, rather than serious competition. Most, but not all, Gimmick Rallies are won by luck or chance, rather than skill.

Our gimmick rally will start at JML Audio in Fenton, travel the scenic (and crooked) back roads that can be found in our area and end at ET Tuning in Union.  Both JML Audio and ET Tuning will have snacks available and will offer tours of their facilities.

This rally will be a great event for one but will be more fun if shared with a friend. There will be writing involved and an additional set of eyes to look for clues will make it easier. Prizes will be awarded. 

The urban gimmick rally held by the St. Louis Audi Club several years ago was a lot of fun and was very successful. We expect this ex-urban gimmick rally, with more sinuous and exciting roads, to be even more fun.

Start from JML Audio 519 Rudder Road, Suite A, Fenton - End at ET Tuning, Union

Please RSVP to Steve Warren or call 314 894-1541.