If you’re reading this, you probably live someplace where it snows a good deal in the winter. You also probably drive an Audi, quite possibly with the fabled quattro all-wheel-drive system. While you may drive one of the most snow- and ice-capable vehicles in the world, how would you like to really learn how to drive it in the snow?

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling, while driving on a snow-covered road, when the car starts to slide toward the outside of the turn, possibly toward an on-coming car. It’s a frightening moment, but usually just a moment, and we’re back on our intended path, perhaps with sweaty palms or a rapid heartbeat reminding us that we just had a close call. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always end as happily; I’ve wrecked 2 cars on winter roads in my lifetime, and it was only chance that saved me from serious injury. I looked for ways to improve my driving skills; this led me to the Audi Club.

Our past students are our best advertisers: “Prior to my first Winter Driving School in 2010 I was a mediocre winter driver. I had never been in any accidents, but that was because I was never forced to push myself, or the gas pedal, in slippery conditions.. I was dreading a weekend filled with more testosterone than anyone should have to handle. However, the minute I arrived I began to have the most fun I’ve ever had losing control of cars. The instructors were very knowledgeable…aside from teaching me more in 2 days that I learned in 6 weeks of drivers-ed they kept me on my toes & made me feel included. I enjoyed it so much that I insisted we return the next year and bring my mother! One year later (she loved it) and we’re all driving with a whole lot less anxiety during the winter.”    – Storey Duff

In 2014, we will again be holding two Winter Driving Schools at Team O’Neil Rally School in Dalton, NH. It is a safe, low-speed event with expert instruction and a fun atmosphere. If you would like to learn to control your car in slippery conditions, to handle every type of skid including correcting understeer and oversteer, how to stop most quickly in icy conditions, then these schools are for you. All vehicles are welcome. No more than two licensed drivers per shared car. And no helmets required, this is a low speed (typically less than 25 mph) event.

Front and rear-wheel drive vehicles are required to have snow tires on the drive wheels as a bare minimum. It is highly suggested to have snow tires on all wheels.

The school will begin Saturday morning with a classroom session, in which we will cover the basic principles of driving on snow and ice — proper tire pressure, types of skids and how to correct for them, winter car preparation (such as why snow tires are a good idea, even on a modern all-wheel-drive car), and so on. You will then drive your vehicle to the Rally School site, where we continue through a day and a half of exercises such as a slalom, a skid pad, and a road course (all under instructors’ expert tutelage) in which these principles are put into practice:

  • The skid pad teaches the difference between understeer and oversteer (and is a lot of fun!)
  • The slalom teaches the importance of looking ahead, weight transfer, and the proper amount of steering input.
  • Combining the two into a challenging road course puts everything together and includes a variety of turns and a “lane toss” where a devious instructor directs the student to switch into one of two lanes and stop the car, all in distances that look difficult if not impossible (but believe us, with practice it is possible). 

We will finish the two-day school with a fun ‘time trial’ that connects the skidpad and exercise areas where the goal is consistency through several runs.

This event is very much at your own pace, and everyone from inexperienced to very experienced drivers will learn a great deal and have a blast. For drivers who have enjoyed our high performance driver education events on racetracks, the Winter Driving School is an excellent opportunity to hone car control skills that then apply to all sorts of driving, improving safety even on the track. The clinic is open to drivers of all experience levels, and is especially instructive for inexperienced drivers.  Participants must present a valid driver’s license or learners Permit, and sign a liability waiver. A parent must accompany drivers under 18, as well as sign the waiver on their behalf. Please note that if you are sharing a car, you need to register each driver separately!

Registration Cost: 

  • Volunteer/Instructor - Please let us know if you are coming to volunteer.  $0
  • Student Registration (ACNA Members) - Registration for attendees that are over 21, and for those that are under 21 and NOT sharing a car with an adult.  $265.00
  • Student Registration (Non ACNA Members) - Registration for attendees are not Audi Club North America Members.  $280.00
  • Teen (21 and Under) Registration - Discounted rate for teen drivers sharing a car with an adult student. Note that we will not accept your registration if you do not list an adult that’s already registered $150.00

Each driver needs to be registered with a unique email address.

Our headquarters will be at the Mountain View Grand Hotel and Resort. NAAC has negotiated a special rate of $159.99 per night, two night minimum – please mention “North Atlantic Audi Club” to get this rate.

Registrations will be held Friday evening in the Dodge Parlor & Saturday morning prior to the classroom session for all students the Saturday morning classroom will be in the Roosevelt Room from 8:15 AM to 9:30 AM.

Saturday evening the Club will host an early social with appetizers in the Harding Room which is the building adjacent to the Hotel’s pool.

Other hotel options in the area include:

Cabot Motor Inn 
Coos Motor Inn 
Thayer’s Inn  
Franconia Inn

Questions? Contact  Buddy Gregory

Registration is now OPEN!