Perhaps you’ve been driving in snow and ice your entire life, or maybe you are new to New England. Perhaps you drive an Audi with quattro all-wheel drive. Do you put snow tires on it in the winter? Do you use a winter-specific washer fluid? Do you know what to do if your car starts to slide on ice? Don’t get stuck on the side of the road.

On Tuesday, November 19th, at 7PM, the Audi Club North Atlantic will hold a clinic, “Introduction to Winter Driving.” We will discuss winter car preparation, as well as some of the basics of driving on snow and ice. We will also tell you about our Winter Driving Schools, held in January and February in Dalton, NH. These schools are a great deal of fun, as any past attendee will attest, and they will also help you stay safe on the roads in winter.

The Introduction to Winter Driving will be at Herb Chambers Audi Burlington, 62 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA.