Audi Club North America (ACNA) and Hooked on Driving (HOD) are pleased to announce that HOD has been named the “Official Performance Driving Partner of ACNA”.
Hooked on Driving provides over 100 High Performance Driving Events (HPDE) at road courses across the U.S. and is a recognized leader in event safety and driver education. HOD is headquartered in California with six regional locally-owned operations across the country. Collaboration between HOD and ACNA is a natural fit given the common focus on driver’s education and safety in the growing High Performance activity space. This alliance will increase opportunities for Audi drivers to develop their skills in a safe and controlled environment with application in every-day situations. The role of HOD will be to:

  • Assist ACNA chapters with their existing driving program offerings
  • Invite and introduce ACNA chapters that don’t have driving programs to experience HOD, thus seeing the performance driving program for themselves – and presumably get hooked!
  • Work together with ACNA at the local level to share resources, training, and knowledge

HOD is recognized for professionally run events and high safety standards. ACNA shares these attributes in several locations and is looking forward to expanding the menu of event options for members to enhance driving skills and knowledge, promote driver safety, and create excitement for Audi automotive technology.
Audi Club North America is the largest brand enthusiast community world-wide and is celebrating its’ 30th Anniversary this year in Austin, Texas. ACNA serves as a catalyst for like-minded enthusiasts to share their passion for the brand. Chapters provide a variety of experiences including fun runs, tech sessions, charity events, socials, track days and more! The club has grown to over 8,000 members in the United States and Canada. Additionally, the Club offers benefits such as discounts, promotions and a loyalty member incentive on the purchase of new Audis.

Kasim Esmail, Vice President, ACNA 2014 says, “We are excited to announce our partnership between Audi Club North America and Hooked on Driving. Over the years, our organizations have collaborated on various events and found great value in those engagements. Our driver education roots reach back to the founding of ACNA, and this partnership with HOD helps us provide more development and collaboration opportunities for adult driver programs. As driver’s education and performance driving offerings can take many forms, we want every ACNA member to have the availability of participating in events that enrich their Audi ownership experience.”

David Ray, founder of Hooked On Driving, states, “We are flattered and excited by the announcement of ACNA and HOD working together to enhance our sport.” We concur that ACNA’s approach is very similar to that of Hooked On Driving – with an orientation toward safety, learning and the fun of driving on track, rather than competition. Hooked On Driving, from the beginning, has had the approach of assisting and cooperating with the marque clubs, with the expectation that working together will “grow the pie” that represents the “High Performance Driving Experience.” There are so many capable cars out there today, with very few places to drive them near their capabilities, and having a group enjoy running together with similar cars (like Audis) just makes sense. But – with HOD – there is a resource for infrastructure, publicity, and additional opportunities to get on track beyond that of what most volunteer-led clubs can provide. This is simply a win/win situation. We’d also like to thank the leadership of ACNA for the faith they are putting in HOD by making this announcement. We look forward to developing stronger programs together over the coming years.”

Contact information for ACNA 262-567-5476
Contact information for Hooked On Driving: 888-999-0678