On a beautiful Saturday morning in July, Audi Club Members descended upon Audi of America (AoA) Headquarters located in Herndon, VA for a first of its kind event exclusively promoted to Audi Club North America (ACNA) Members. The AoA Product Demonstration Open House provided Audi enthusiasts an opportunity to hear directly from product managers about the new TT, Q7 and A3 Sportback e-tron which are slated to hit the streets this fall and early 2016.

As the day got underway, Victor Nguyen-Long who is the General Manager for Experience Innovation, welcomed the 150 ACNA Members providing an overview of the day’s agenda and introduction to the Product Managers on hand to discuss the three latest innovations about to hit the market this fall. In addition to the product managers of the featured vehicles, Beth Wykes provided attendees insight into the S3s, aka the Skittles, parked out front.

Christine Lemley, President of the Potomac-Chesapeake Chapter, welcomed Club Members and discovered the following Chapters were represented: the Carolinas, Mid-Atlantic, New Jersey, Northeast, Ohio Valley, Potomac-Chesapeake, and Western Pennsylvania. Those traveling the farthest, driving their Audis of course, were:

• David and his daughter, Sarah Sink, Raleigh, NC (288 miles)
• Paul Gazella, Akron, OH (343 miles)
• Michael, Janet, and David Victorson, Charleston, WV (355 miles)
• John and Anne Ptak, Buffalo, NY (376 miles)

After introductions, the 150 attendees were divided into three groups in order to simultaneously receive product demonstrations on the vehicles as they were staged within AoA’s Forum and outside. With a group this large and to allow for questions and interaction, it made sense to have smaller groups with each product and then rotate every 30 minutes to the next.

Wayne Killen presented the A3 Sportback e-tron to Members and provided the following product summary.

Anthony Garbis presented the TT Roadster to Members along with this product summary.

Anthony Foulk presented the Q7 and provided the following product summary.

During the event, AoA requested Members to register for three raffle prizes. The prizes and winners were:

• Audi R8 V10 1:10 radio-controlled car – Chris Furst
• Six piece wine set – Andrew Slusar, Jr.
• Ladies flatline watch – Aya Okajima

All in all, the day was filled with information, insight and fun. Club Members made new friends and asked some tough questions of the AoA staff. It was wonderful to meet so many Members and appreciate being part of the Audi Family. 

Special Thanks to the following at AoA who made this event possible and assisted in making it a great success.
Julie Longley, Experience Innovation Manager
Eduardo Contreras-Velasco, Experience Innovation
Megan Edwards, Event Greeter / Registration
Sonja Loewy, Event Greeter / Registration
John Scott, Event Photographer
Ian Avilla, Audi Accessories
Anthony Foulk, Product Manager
Anthony Garbis, Product Manager
Wayne Killen, Product Manager

Special Thanks to PCC Members, Don Adams, Adam Bortz, Andy Lien, and Sam Reid for serving as parking attendants as Members arrived. The Audis looked great all lined up and the Audi love was evident.

Finally, Thanks to everyone for driving from near and far to make it such a great day.

To view more photos from this event visit our Flickr page