published in the Fall 2013 quattro quarterly

ACNA MEMBER STEVE CYRA recently attended a Teen Driver Education Clinic with his twins, Emma and Nick. Steve was so impressed with the ACNAWisconsin chapter teen driver clinic that he nominated the group for the Teen Driver Safety Leadership Award.

The National Safety Council recognizes individuals or organizations that have made exceptional contributions in teen driver safety.

Steve says, “I appreciate the opportunity to nominate Audi Club-Wisconsin for this recognition. As both a father of 16-year old twins and a consultant in the transportation engineering and safety field, I understand first-hand the importance of properly instructing our youngest drivers how to safely operate an automobile and drive on our nation’s roadways. Too often we yield to experience in teens acquiring the skills necessary to avoid roadway situations and emergencies. This
reactive or passive approach often results in less than desirable outcomes and sometimes even tragedies.

The Audi Club of Wisconsin’s Teen Car Control Clinics and efforts like them deserve recognition for being much more proactive in keeping our teens safe while driving. The fact that this organization volunteers its time and resources to this extremely worthy cause is especially noteworthy and should be commended. I would also like to thank Shell Oil Company for their financial support for teen clinics. My daughter Emma, son Nick, and I participated in this clinic. To say that I was grateful for the instruction and impressed with the professionalism in which it was provided would be a gross understatement. This event far exceeded my own expectations. Most importantly however were the skills that my kids acquired and the boost in confidence of their driving abilities. After participating in this event, it would not be difficult to make a very compelling argument in favor of providing this instruction to ALL drivers, young, old and in-between.

Again, I thank the NSC for this program and appreciate the opportunity to nominate the Audi Club of Wisconsin for proactively being a leader in enhancing teen driving safety.”