For those who have spent some time in Bavaria, you may recall that the two fastest moving objects on wheels are young ladies on bicycles using their bike bells to navigate Munich’s traffic, and Audi diesels, specifically Avants in the passing lane on the Autobahn. Ah yes, there is the occasional “Halo” car at over 260 kph but it is the Diesel Avants that consistently rule the roads. Here is an opportunity to mingle with the diesels in the passing lane.

There remain a few openings for you to join fellow ACNA members in the 2014 Summer Breeze Driving Experience Dieseling durch Deutschland (Dieseling through Germany). Elite Rent-a-Car, an Audi Club partner, is offering an unparalleled six days, five night’s German touring experience, affording participants an opportunity to drive a number of different Audi models and engine configurations, none of which are presently available in the US. Contingent on group size, below is the planned fleet of cars to be driven in this grand tour.

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