Drive To Jerome





Jerome via Legendary AZ-89A!


9:00am – Receive meet up location upon registration


It’s over the Mingus Mountains and through the woods; it’s to crazy cliff-hanging Jerome we go!  Then it’s to Public Parking, and then we start walking the street to Haunted Hamburger’s brew-oooh. But as we start talking, we realize that groups they are blocking, so oh now what are we to do?  Well we changed plans again so off we go stalking, in search of take outing from Bobby D’s BBQ. Oh no, others heard us and got there sooner,

So we’re just happy to find seats at Paul & Jerry’s Saloon-er!


With the sharp upswing in COVID cases in Arizona, the Club will temporarily suspend eating together to help keep our families and ourselves safe.  There are many wonderful places in Jerome, but all have limited admission.  Wander and you will find the perfect spot, or even better, bring a picnic lunch or something delish from your MRE rations collection hidden in your bunker.  Whatever you do, it is going to be a simply Audilicious day!


Masks are mandatory when outside our cars at all Wheels in Motion events as per ACNA rules; disposables will be available.


All Drivers must register at MotorsportReg

All Drivers AND Passengers must also sign the SpeedWaiver


  1. Please register on
  2. Checkmark the registration box
  3. Enter your car make
  4. Click the link to sign the SpeedWaiver
  5. After SpeedWaiver completion click the “yes” box
  6. Click “Proceed to Checkout” button at the bottom
  7. Next screen – click “Complete Registration”


The driver will then receive an email with the departure location, a link to send to your passengers for them to sign the mandatory SpeedWaiver, the GPS directions for the drive to print or pre-load into your GPS, and the Maricopa County COVID guidelines for our safety.