Member of the Month

Congratulations to the December Member of the Month, Kevin Sargent.
Here’s a bit about Kevin.
My father helped me purchase my first Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) car, a 1988 VW Scirocco 16V, in 1994.  From there on, the love for all things VAG started.  I played around with different makes and models for a few years building Honda drag cars and such but, eventually rolled back into the correct euro world when buying 2004 VW Jetta GLi (before the MK4 world became the new “Honda” world), which over many years became quite heavily modified.  Unfortunately, that car was stolen in 2016. But, it led me to finding my 2015 Allroad, and then the 2010 Avant.  While the Avant is Denise’s car and I do play with it from time to time, the Allroad is my daily driver.  I have lightly modified the Allroad to help out the lowly 2.0t, but there are bigger thought processes in the works.
I found the club through Facebook.  After a single meeting and a couple events we decided to take on membership.  I couldn’t pick out a single event that would be my favorite. I have enjoyed all events for different reasons and I love the fact we can all find a common ground in the cars.