Member of the Month

We’d like to introduce you to our November Member of the Month, Ben Sneed.  Here’s a little bit about Ben.

Im an aircraft electrical engineer by profession but, an Audi enthusiast to my core. I was born & raised in Phoenix, AZ. Im a forever University of Arizona Wildcat and have a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology from Embry Riddle. I’ve always been into cars but, was introduced to Audi while living in Germany by a tuned C5 RS6. The vehicle had over 550hp & was an absolute monster but, I wasn’t allowed to bring it back because it was a European spec vehicle. 

Ive been in the Air Force since Feb of 2000, driving Audi’s since 2003. Since then, Ive had 4 other Audi’s and been a member of the AZ chapter since. Ive been in almost every country in the world, I am currently stationed in Tucson, AZ where I plan on finishing my career. I hope to move back to Phoenix eventually while staying in my career field. Im an avid shoe collector and have over 1,800 pairs, a majority in a climate controlled storage. I used to work for Nike and helped design/develop new pairs & colorways that went into production besides over 30 personal designs that only I will ever own. 

I currently drive a B9 A4, after the RS6, twin turbo A6, B7 & B8 A4. They get great gas mileage & performance with the right mods. My B9 A4 is a Unitronic stage 2 tuned with, CTS turbo intake, upgraded intercooler, down pipe, custom exhaust, carbon fiber accents, & RS alcantara steering wheel. It has a little more hp & tq than a stock s4 but, I can average 40mpg if I drive the speed. My goal is to eventually own the 1st gen R8 & 1st gen grey TT roadster with baseball seats.

I joined the club full time in 2009 after talking with Brian McCauley at Audi Scottsdale. My favorite ride by far is always to Sedona going through 89A & Jerome. That road is very scenic besides the ones in Sedona. 

I’ve been everywhere you can drive in AZ but, I would love to eventually do a drive to Coronado/San Diego which is my favorite place to travel in the states besides Sedona. I love seeing and meeting all the newmembers and look forward to leading the new Tucson members on fun drives in the near future.