Drive N’ Dine Superior





Porter’s Saloon & Grill, Superior

Via Winkleman and Globe!


11:00am Receive meet location upon registration


The Audi Club of Arizona invites you to a swooping curvy drive through Winkleman and Globe, but first there’s lunch at Porter’s Saloon & Grill in Superior on their famous outdoor tables.  It’s great to revisit one of our favorite routes, especially when there’s a new restaurant involved!


Masks are mandatory when outside our cars at all Wheels in Motion events as per updated ACNA rules; disposables will be available.  Custom black Audi Club of Arizona logo masks are in process and will be available soon!

All Drivers must register at MotorsportReg

All Drivers AND Passengers must sign the SpeedWaiver


1. Please register on

2. Checkmark the registration box

3. Enter your car make

4. Click the link to sign the SpeedWaiver

5. After SpeedWaiver completion click the “yes” box

6. Click “Proceed to Checkout” button at the bottom

7. Next screen – click “Complete Registration”


The driver will then receive an email with the departure location, a link to send to your passengers for them to sign the mandatory SpeedWaiver, the GPS directions for the drive to save or pre-load into your GPS, and the Maricopa County COVID guidelines for our safety.


“This member’s only event brings great friends together for a wonderful event and enables everyone to catch up on all things Audi.  Not a member of the Audi Club?  Then take a test drive with us!  Don’t own an Audi?  Then join us in your car but beware of four-ring addiction!  We’re so confident you will love your test drive with the Audi Club of AZ, you can become a member online right now at and join other passionate Audi Club members on this and all future events.”