August Member of the Month


We are proud to announce Tyler Aird as Audi Club of Arizona’s August 2020 Member of the Month!  Here’s what Tyler had to say:


Tyler owns a 2006 S4 Avant with a 6-speed manual transmission.  He reports that her name is Selene, named after the former Vampire Death Dealer in the Underworld movies.  Okay!  He does not deny being seen at Concours last year polishing the inside of her tailpipes just like everybody does on their Audi’s (he thinks!).  Some of the modifications he has made include the timing chain with aftermarket parts, Southbend Stage 3 daily clutch, a JHM Trio short shifter, a Black Forest Industries weighted shift knob (there’s that attention to detail again!) and a Milltek non-resonated exhaust.  He plans on installing a KMD TVS 1900 Supercharger and aftermarket center and rear differentials.  Tyler likes the Milltek exhaust most, saying it “really brings the car to life”.  And he has witnesses!


Tyler works as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician at Textron Aviation at Mesa-Phoenix Airport, giving him the knowledge to also do his own work on Selene.  He is working toward his Master Maintenance Technician certification, a long brain-busting journey.  This involves completing 5 separate training courses on a given aircraft, learning every necessary system inside and out plus any possible idiosyncrasies that particular aircraft may have since lives depend on his skills.  Once completed Tyler will be awarded his Master Technician award on that airframe.  All we can say in WOW!


Tyler has enjoyed cars and motorsports for a very long time.  He has great memories of watching Formula 1 racing with his Dad in the early 2000’s.  This progressed to V8 Supercars in Australia and Nurburgring  24 hour racing.  He wants to visit the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps race track some day, the current site of the Belgium Grand Prix that hosted its first Grand Prix in 1925.  Tyler’s Audi obsession began via the MK5 R32 Rabbit which naturally led to the VR6 powered Audi’s.  He says the first Audi he ever saw was a MK1 TT in 2002 in South Africa “while visiting my Grandma and Grandpa”, who he also elevates to MK1 status in the family.


Tyler learned about the club on the Audi Club North America website.  He first attended meetings just as the Club was being re-energized by Leanne and Kelly.  His first drive was to Jerome with about 25 other cars, which happens to continue to be his favorite destination, especially when it involves the Haunted Hamburger.  He says he has been there about 6 times in 2 years with various clubs!  Sedona comes in 2nd.


When we asked what he did when he was all alone while driving Selene he said he’d “be whipping along with the windows down”.   We can see that picture!


Tyler says “My favorite thing about the club is all the amazing individuals I’ve met along the way.  Their determination and welcoming arms have encouraged me to push to new levels and achieve quite a few things”.  He thanks Leanne and Kelly for welcoming him into the Club in the beginning.  And the Club thanks you too, Tyler!