And Now For Something Completely Different: Criminal’s Tomb Features Life-Size Statue of Him And A Replica Of His Audi SQ7

words: Bill, photos: Granada Hoy

They say you can’t take it with you when you die and while that may be true, a notorious truck hijacker in Spain may have found a way around that. Antonio “El Tonto (The Fool)” made headlines in Spain during his criminal life and is once again making headlines after his death. He is mostly known for hijacking trucks and getting away with millions of dollars in merchandise which he then sold in his supermarket.

Last year, a bronze life-sized statute was placed by his grave. As in life, the statute shows off El Tonto’s love of the finer things in life…and the icing on the cake was a bronze replica of his SQ7, the vehicle he used to hijack trucks. The very realistic SQ7 looks like it has the ABT Sportsline bodykit installed. I would love to know how it was created.

So the next time you’re in the Spanish providence of Granada in the little town of Pinos Puente, don’t be surprised when you see an Audi SQ7 sitting on top of a tomb.

You can read the original article HERE (the article identifies the vehicle as a Q5)