An Updated Message About COVID-19 & Club Events

An Updated Message About COVID-19 &
Club Events

Valued Members and Chapter Leaders,

As mentioned in our last note to you all, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the situation around COVID-19 and how it may continue to impact our club. Today, to further address the nature and looming dangerous health conditions created by the COVID-19 global pandemic and with counsel from outside advisors and Audi of America public relations, the Audi Club North America Board of Directors has decided to elevate our stance on sanctioned events to protect its members and set an example for responsible social behavior during this precedent-setting time. This elevated instruction will best address the peak infection rates that many communities are currently or soon to experience and protects the Club and its Chapters from poor public perception in being insensitive to the crisis.

Beginning at 12:01am EST April 18, 2020, and running through 5:00pm EST June 1, 2020, Audi Club North America Chapters and members are prohibited from engaging in any in-person events or gatherings under the umbrella of Audi Club North America. We will continue to monitor the situation to the best interest of the Club and hope this position won’t need to be extended.

To educate yourselves, we’re advising you utilize the  CDC GENERAL COVID-19 RESOURCE website. For events planned after June 1st, 2020, we refer to our prior guidance:

  1. All chapters MUST comply with all federal, state, and local laws, including guidance from the  CDC EVENT GUIDELINES
  2. To protect financial health of your chapter, negotiate vendor and venue contracts with COVID-19 specific cancellation contracts/agreements.
  3. We advise chapter leadership set up strict go/no-go dates and clearly communicate that to members and registrants.
  4. If the chapter’s event committee approves a “go”, we ask that event staff set up the event cautiously and supply goods that will mitigate any potential infection or spread. This may mean reducing the size of the event, supplying CDC-recommended disinfectant supplies, and a no-tolerance policy on sick attendees.
  5. For wheels-in-motion driving events, classroom, or tech sessions, the chapter event masters may want to reach out to the Performance Driving Education Committee chair,  John Sullivan.

Additionally, it’s been announced that the  Legends of the Autobahn Concours event held during Monterey Car Week in August, shared with BMW CCA and Mercedes-Benz Car Club, has been cancelled by all three clubs.

We have a  list of event cancellations on our website and will keep this updated as changes to events come in. If your chapter has events already planned but are cancelling/postponing them, please email our Director of Marketing  Bill Cho with the changes.

We are all in this together and had to make this decision to protect the interests of the Club and our members. Please stay connected to your Audi-loving community by getting involved on your chapter’s social media pages and check out the new club forum we launched to help you connect, especially during these “stay and shelter” times:  AUDI CLUB FORUMS.

Wishing you and yours safety and wellness.