An Ideal Basis for Planning: Range Display in Audi Electric Cars Gives a Reliable Picture

source: Audi AG

  • Numerous variables ensure realistic calculation of remaining range
  • More precision with the e-tron route planner: Topology analysis, traffic data, or predictive driving speeds
  • Time-optimized arrivals: HPC charging infrastructure minimizes charging times

Whether you’re driving around the corner, commuting to work, or going on vacation: When you’re on the road in an electric car, reliable range indications form the basis for planning all your mobility needs. Statutory test cycles as the basis for range indication can only serve as a general guide for planning since, in practice, range is impacted by numerous parameters. In addition to external factors such as congestion, route topography, or outside temperatures, driver-specific influences including individual driving style or the use of comfort features also play an important role. The remaining range display in the all-electric e-tron models from Audi passes this test in flying colors by factoring in all relevant parameters and providing a realistic picture. On top of that, the route planner ensures that any necessary charging stops on the trip are ideally planned into the route. Route planning can either be set up from inside the car or prior to departure using the convenient myAudi app.