source: Audi AG

There is no she or he, no male quattro costumers and female quattro customers. There are more than 11.5 million of them. But there is one quattro feeling: the fine tuning between technology and emotion. And that has stretched across four decades. A simple congratulations to the pioneers would therefore be insufficient. If that’s not worth a declaration of love…

Don’t worry, we won’t gush. The real love letters are always the data sheets. It’s just too bad that strength of character isn’t considered a physical quantity. Nonetheless, it remains a highly critical yardstick for everyone who buys, drives, and loves the quattro. Every one of those people has their own numerous quattro moments. That major momentum is made of only one thing – an unforgettable experience.

It happened right in the first curve. Anyone who wants to know anything about this car will also learn something about themselves. Who is actually moving whom here? The quattro does something to a person, as if the mechanism could be synchronized with a human without using Bluetooth at all. Sovereign is he when roads become difficult. Shifting power right where it is needed. Pushing the boundaries of physical law.