AI Artwork is Taking Over, with Cool New Virtual Reality for Audi Enthusiasts

In case you hadn’t noticed, AI is taking over virtually every creative space in industry. These self-learning algorithmically run search engines are revolutionizing everything from writing, to coding and creation of images. Regulars on visual outlets such as Instagram would be hard pressed not to bump up against AI-created imagery… and sometimes you might not even know.

In particular, image generation is particularly impactful on the automotive industry. Audi recently shared that they’re already using AI to design some elements such of the automobile like wheels. Meanwhile, the scope of automotive enthusiasts releasing imaginary never-seen takes on familiar car forms and brands is exploding.

At first, we sat on the sidelines and watched it play out. Recognizing what a significant tool AI will be for creators going forward, not to mention inspiration for enthusiasts, we’ve decided to see it for ourselves and signed up for an account on the Midjourney-based search platform that uses Discord as a basis. Since then, we’ve been playing with all sorts of Audi themes and have been stunned and inspired by the results.

No, AI isn’t perfect. It gets some details wrong, but even in those details it’s easy to see facets of forms long familiar that perhaps you hadn’t thought of before. We’ve found a happy medium by implementing some post creation processing to fix details we believe we can do to drive the point home.

AI as a paradigm is an interesting consideration. It’s about to revolutionize the world of creatives, as the synthesizer did for musicians or EVs are now doing for automobiles. Some will welcome the tech, and some will push back. There’s no right answer, but progressively considering any technology seems decidedly within the Audi Vorsprung durch Technik theme and so we’ve waded into the pool.

Take for instance this collection of ur quattro rally car-based AI designs. This was one of the first sets we’d run and it rather effortlessly reset our expectations on Audi’s arguably most iconic car, not to mention the traditional box flares. We explored this further, since one of Midjourney’s functions is to allow you to expand on subtle variants of images it creates, adjusting subtle details such as bumpers, headlights, livery, driver and yes… flares.

If you’d like to follow along as we discover even more capabilities of the tech, you can see all the latest creations via @4RingsAI over on Instagram. And yes, we’ll also be posting them here as well for a little extra 4-ring inspiration.