ABT Sportsline Has Its Way With the A6 allroad

words: Bill, photos: ABT America

While we’ve been waiting for the RS 6 Avant to hit our shores, the A6 allroad crossed over our border months ago. For those who long for the super Avant but sadly can’t afford one, the C8 allroad is a pretty darn good Avant and now ABT Sportsline has made it a damn good one.

Everyone is looking for power and the ABT Engine Control will increase the 3.0T V6 from 335hp and 360 lb-ft up to 419hp and 405 lb-ft. That’s a nice jump for a supposedly pedestrian Avant.

ABT being ABT, they don’t stop at just a power bump but also add show to the go. Their FR wheels are available in 20in and 21in fitment while the GR wheels (seen in the photos) are 2oin. The GRs can be had in a glossy black finish as well as matte black. ABT also provides selected interior upgrades such as the start-stop-switch-cap,¬†ABT shift knob cover in carbon fiber which you can now buy at your Audi dealer. If you prefer the ABT logo instead of the four rings, they also offer their own integrated puddle lights.

All-in-all, it’s a good time to be an Avant lover in North America and with companies like ABT Sportsline, you can have a damn good one.