2021 Audi Club Board of Directors Election and Resolution Results

Audi Club Board of Directors Election & Resolution Results

The results are in for Audi Club North America’s 2021 election, updated bylaws, and relocation of the state of incorporation. This year, seven candidates vied for three open positions on the Audi Club Board of Directors (BoD) for the 2022-2024 term. We want to thank our valued Audi Club members for participating in the election by casting their vote.

The results have been certified and we’re excited to announce the results:

Ryan Compton (Re-Elected) – Potomac-Chesapeake Chapter

Christopher May (Elected)– Carolinas Chapter

Gordon Varney (Re-Elected) – Eastern Canada Chapter

We welcome Christopher May and welcome back Ryan Compton and Gordon Varney to the 2021-2023 Board of Directors!

Each year, three of the nine Audi Club Board of Directors positions are open for election. The full nine-member board will meet for the first time in January 2022 in order to select their executive officers for a one-year term. They will also be invited by the current board of directors to sit in on the final board meeting of the year on December 28th, 2021.

We want to thank the remaining candidates for their willingness to take on the mantle of leadership in the Audi Club organization: Byron de Jesus (Glacier Lakes), Aaron Plante (Lone Star), Ryan Ponto (Western Canada), and Sam Thomas (Tennessee). We are grateful for passionate members like you who are willing to volunteer your time and energy, and we encourage you to run again in the future.

“I’m very proud of the number and quality of candidates who ran for this year’s Audi Club election. I firmly believe each of the candidates offer so much to Audi Club and only wish we had enough seats for each of them. I thoroughly encourage them to run again in the future, because Audi Club is all the richer for their presence even before they chose to run for office. Thank you so much to all who ran, and congratulations to our three election winners. Audi Club simply couldn’t exist without the efforts each of you generously offer year-after-year.” – George Achorn, Executive Director

In addition, there were two referendums for the membership to vote on:

  • Do you approve the motion to update the bylaws?
  • Do you approve the motion to update the state of incorporation to Delaware?

Audi Club updated its operating bylaws for the first time on over a decade. These bylaws were drafted and revised by the Board of Directors, Policy and Procedures Committee, and reviewed by outside legal counsel.

With Audi Club having a virtual office, the club is no longer situated in Minnesota and/or Wisconsin. The club looked for a state that was friendly and useful to non-profit operation. The Board decided on Delaware for this reason.

Both referendums were overwhelmingly approved by the membership.

The voting period ran from November 15th through December 15th and the results were certified by Bank Five Nine, Oconomowoc, WI.