2015 Seefeld, Austria Driving Experience -January 11-15…Is this for real?


How to be in control, when you’re out of control!

Take a solid sheet of ice near the Austrian Alps, world-class Audi instructors, and learn the secrets of how to keep your car under control while drifting and sliding through a series of cones from master driving instructors at Audi. Forget what you thought you knew. Gas. Gas. Gas. Spin. 360s. Oops, another cone.

Mark your calendars now to participate in the January 11-15, 2015 Audi AG Winter Driving School in Seefeld, Austria. Under expert supervision, participants can explore the full performance potential of Audi’s quattro system. Learn techniques that may save your life from Audi AG’s world-class instructors including ABS braking, variable traction, cornering, oversteer-understeer, power slide, timed slalom competition, and more.

Members stay at a five-star hotel in the popular ski resort village of Seefeld, Austria. Combine the experience with skiing or sightseeing and it will be the adventure of a lifetime! A winter holiday in Austria sums up visions of villages covered in a white blanket of snow surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery. Although Seefeld in the Tirol region of western Austria is renowned as a fabulous ski resort, for ACNA members there’s much more…it is also a place where drivers are serious about learning valuable car control skills. Create lifetime memories with family and friends at Audi AG’s winter driving school.

The experience begins in Munich with lots of attractions whether you’re interested in history, architecture, museums, art or a visit to the Hofbrauhaus. The journey continues to the mecca of all things Audi—Ingolstadt. Club members lunch with Audi AG VIPs, and enjoy factory and museum tours. Late afternoon, the bus then heads to a beautiful hotel in Seefeld to meet AG’s instructors and begin an experience to remember. For two days ACNA members will challenge their driving skills and put their skills to test on ice! Got it nailed? We’ll see…

Surrounded by the Tyrolean Alps, lap in the luxury of a five-star hotel and fine dining. Enjoy saunas, massages, sleigh rides through the forest, and Audi member camaraderie! Cost approximately $2300 includes transportation from Munich to Ingolstadt, museum and factory tours, three nights/hotel/meals in Seefeld, Audi AG instruction, and transport back to Munich airport. (Does not include airfare or hotel in Munich.)

Places are limited! Call 262.567.5476 to reserve your place!