“2 WIN” Movie to Highlight 1983 World Rally Competition Between Audi and Lancia

Perhaps inspired by The Grand Tour’s highly entertaining summary of the 1983 battle between Audi and Lancia in the WRC, Hanway Films is readying a major motion picture to detail the “David vs. Goliath story” that is legend in motorsport. German actor Daniel Brühl who played Nicki Lauda in the 2013 Formula 1 film Rush has been confirmed to play Audi Sport boss Roland Gumpert. Production began last summer in Europe and as of this writing no release date has been announced.

From HanWay Films, the studio summarizes the movie as:

2 WIN is the incredible true story behind the 1983 World Rally Championships. A real life David vs Goliath story, we see how the plucky underdogs of Team Lancia, led by the charismatic Cesare Fiorio (Scamarcio), took on the mighty Team Audi in one of the greatest rivalries in sporting history.

Up against formidable rival Roland Gumpert (Brühl) and his superior Audi team (including the Queen of Speed herself, Michele Mouton) Lancia Team Manager Cesare Fiorio (Scamarcio) faces certain defeat in the 1983 Rally World Championships. With great cunning and ingenuity, Fiorio sets out to steal victory. Like any good heist, Fiorio puts together an unusual team, including Jane McCoy, the team doctor and nutritionist who becomes a necessary foil against Cesare’s bravado. Cesare’s stroke of luck comes when he coaxes the zen-like Walter Röhrl (Bruch) to drive for Lancia but the catch is Röhrl will only compete in the races he likes! Using every trick at his disposal and bending the rules as he goes, Fiorio steers into dangerous territory on and off the track, all in his reckless desire to win.

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