1936 Horch 853 Planned for RM Sothebys Amelia Island

Early listings of lots for Amelia Island Concours week have revealed that RM Sotheby’s will list a 1936 Horch Special Roadster Recreation. Few other details are provided by RM Sotheby’s at this time and we expect more to be forthcoming as the March 9 event date nears, but the rareness of Horch specimens in the USA suggests we may know some of the story already.

From the photos released by RM Sotheby’s, we can see it has silver and blue bodywork with a red interior. This all appears identical to a automobile auctioned at last year’s Amelia Island Concours week by Bonhams. That it’s also listed as a “recreation” on the RM Sotheby’s site seems consistent as well, knowing that last year’s car had been a painstakingly built replica assembled by a Horch specialist upon a chassis that had been unearthed.

Most Audi enthusiasts know that Horch is one of the founding brands that formed Auto Union in the pre-war years. It is the most luxurious of the brands that formed the four rings that would eventually become the Audi logo.

Though no specific Audi-focused events are planned during Amelia Island Concours week, the mix of events and auctions held there each March offer a wealth of things to see for any Audi enthusiasts. Audi club will continue to monitor planning for the event week, including auction lots should any Audi-interest cars make the roster. We are hearing an unconfirmed rumor that a Sport quattro may get listed and were searching for that when we found this Horch.