1016 Industries Introduces New Limited-Edition Custom Carbon Fiber RS 6 Avant Design

source: 1016 Industries

World class designer of custom carbon fiber high-performance exotics 1016 Industries is excited to introduce the company’s first-ever Audi based design in the RS 6. The sleek new carbon fiber 1016 Industries RS 6 design fully employs the company’s industry-leading applied materials technologies to craft a completely reimagined wagon made to impress out on the road. By taking advantage of their U.S. manufacturing capabilities, the just released 1016 Industries RS 6 is now in stock and available starting at $142,995.

“1016 Industries is incredibly pleased to showcase our new custom carbon fiber RS 6, which offers a sharp, completely unique look for what we see as the finest high-performance wagon in the world,” comments 1016 Industries CEO Peter Northrop. “The 1016 Industries RS 6 is an opportunity for our company to introduce something completely fresh to an underserved category of enthusiasts that love the four rings. Personally, my career in auto design began working with Audi and Volkswagen, so the RS 6 project in many ways feels like coming home.”

The new 1016 Industries RS 6 accentuates the stunning design lines that have become celebrated around the world since the release of the C8 Avant platform. By deftly integrating a new carbon fiber Front Lip, Side Skirts, Trunk Spoiler, Diffuser, and Hood Cap, 1016 Industries added lightness with a new presentation of the ever-popular RS 6. The new RS 6 program by 1016 Industries continues the company’s approach engineering fully reversible parts that require no cutting during installation, allowing for quick, convenient installation.

Custom 1016 Industries R S6 designs are available starting at $20,000. The limited edition 1016 Industries RS 6 is now available for sale. For more information on 1016 Industries, please contact [email protected] or call 786-755-1177.