The Audi Club Northeast chapter of the Audi Club of North America is pleased to announce our fourth annual “NEQ Holiday Social” in NYC. Please mark your calendars for Saturday and Sunday, December 14th & 15th, 2013. We welcome old friends and especially look forward to extending a warm welcome to any new members who join us for another fun and exciting event in New York City.
Perhaps you’ve been driving in snow and ice your entire life, or maybe you are new to New England. Perhaps you drive an Audi with quattro all-wheel drive. Do you put snow tires on it in the winter? Do you use a winter-specific washer fluid? Do you know what to do if your car starts to slide on ice? Don’t get stuck on the side of the road.
Curling is an age old ice sport that is very popular in northern Minnesota. Every small town has a curling club. And it became an Olympic event in 2010 with Minnesota supplying a majority of the players.Audi Club Glacier Lakes is very fortunate to have scored ice time at one of the three clubs in the Twin Cities so that our members can spend the afternoon curling.We will have a member of the US Olympic team play with us. And you will have some great bragging rights during the Winter Olympics in 2014.
So, what is a Gimmick Rally? According to North America Motorsports, a Gimmick Rally is a very good way to introduce yourself to the sport of Rally. Normally a Gimmick Rally will have some puzzle to solve. Often the contestants must search for answers to questions, which may provide clues to where the rally route goes, and might be answers to questions about signs and buildings on the route.Generally these are low key events where the primary object is to have fun, rather than serious competition. Most, but not all, Gimmick Rallies are won by luck or chance, rather than skill.
Come out for PCC's Annual Fall Virgina International Raceway Driver Safety and Education School at one of the premier road courses in the country sponsored by Criswell Audi of Annapolis.General Rules & Regs: (Do NOT register BEFORE reviewing the following links)
Audi Club Southern California continues the fun with a late fall track event at Buttonwillow Raceway November 22nd, 23rd, and 24th…a weekend! If you have never attended a track event, this would be the perfect time to see what the excitement is all about!  It’s a safe, controlled environment that allows you to experience the performance aspects of your Audi. Don’t have an Audi, but still want to come out? No problem! This event is open to all makes and drivers who want to learn more about the car they drive.
Quattrofest has been Audi Club Northwest's signature event at Portland International Raceway for many years. The track has two miles of asphalt for everyone to enjoy. It features twelve turns that will include the famous "Festival Curves" for this event. Event sponsered by Sunset Audi.
Quarterly Club Meeting this ThursdayJoin us for our summer Quarterly Meeting at 7pm on October 10th at Audi North Atlanta (11100 Alpharetta Hwy  Roswell, GA 30076). Meetings are a great opportunity to learn more about the club or catch up with old friends!
Last month we watched the professionals take to the track at COTA and drive the R18’s to victory! Now it is your turn to drive on a race track and experience the benefits of Quattro and all of the technologies that Audi engineers into their cars.
Fellow club members and Audi enthusiasts,All are cordially invited to our Fall Drive event. We'll tour the Green Mountain Scenic Byway, stop at the Yalaha Bakery, and finish our tour with lunch at the Bavarian Haus in Mount Dora.We'd like to run an informal MPG rally as well, especially if we have a few TDI Audis along for the drive - for bragging rights if nothing else.We may have additional details about this before the event.